EXCLUSIVE : Interview with Nasty & GuruGuru

It’s time for an up-close and personal with the stylish duo DJs, Nasty & GuruGuru who will be performing at H-Artistry this September 2012. Hear what theyhave to say about the dance music scene in Malaysia, residency, and some short chat with the duo talents.

Hello Nasty & GuruGuru. It’s great a feeling to talk with you guys, so please tell us about yourself?
Pleasure talking to you guys too! Basically we are long time partners in crime who go by the name Bass Agents. Mr.Nasty & GuruGuru came into light when we decided to explore new sounds by pushing our boundaries in terms of music genre and styles.

We like all sorts of EDM, so this was a good opportunity for us to go for a new direction. But in true Bass Agents style; we always stick to our core sound, which is high energy and driving bass lines. We then apply this on our new sounds. You can expect this on the upcoming H-Artistry at KWC KL on 8 September 2012. We’re lighting it up!

Why did you choose the name Nasty & GuruGuru?
We always like to be the provider of real tight, grimy and nasty sounds, hence the name Mr.Nasty. With Guru the name is so nice you have to say it twice. It is also a derivative from the infamous GanjaGuru, something the fans can relate to.

What is the best part of life as a deejay?
Getting a lot of girls and money. Haha nothing like that, it’s more of traveling, meeting new people and playing to unfamiliar crowd and rocking it. Those happy faces at the end of the night ; priceless.

What is the worst part about DJing?
Waking up every weekend with a hangover.

What do you think about Malaysia dance scene today?
We reckon it’s fairly healthy with few niche genres having parties here and there. We could do more festivals like we use to. In addition, the crowd needs to learn more about EDM and be able to differentiate what’s playing on the radio coz there is a fine line between the two

How often is your residency at Barsonic KL?
Every first Saturday of the month we have OMFG with 1 for 1 drink promo all night long. Best deal in town!!!! We also have CTRL on the 3rd week featuring different fresh new DJs every month. Banging EDM all theway, you guys should come by visit us sometime, drinks on us!

Do you have any advice to offer for people just starting out in the industry?
Do it with passion and not for the fame. Do it for the love of music and performing, with this comes respect.

Ever thinking of participating in the DJMag Top 100 Poll?
We did as Bass Agents for 2011. As for Mr.Nasty & GuruGuru not for now, we plan to have more original tracks released first.

Do you have for me and for readers, any exclusive news at this moment?
We always do something crazy towards the end of our sets, you just have to come and witness it at the second installment of 2012’s Global Art of Mixing Trilogy 😉 Also we heard there will be a Hennessy 360 Cam at the H-Artistry party. It snaps picture of you as if you’re in the matrix!

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