Interview With DJ Chazin: Illuzion Phuket Resident DJ

DJ Chazin Illuzion Phuket

We at Nocturnal took the precious time to talk to DJ Chazin, a resident DJ currently working at Illuzion in Phuket. FYI, Illuzion one of the Top 100 clubs ranked by DJMag. Here, we chat about music experiences, genres, and something about his personal life.

Let’s find out more, up close and personal about Chazin in the interview below.

1. Hi DJ Chazin! Good evening and it’s good to hear from you again, what’s happening at the moment?
Good evening Ivan, at the moment as you know I’m Resident DJ at Illuzion Phuket, I´m also making shows around Asia, so for me is a very good moment in my career performing nearly every day and doing what I love.

Illuzion Phuket DJ Chazin
2. Mind to tell us a little more about yourself? Our readers are eager to know more about you! 😀
I´m born in Spain but my mum it´s from Venezuela so I have double nationality, I love to travel and touring around the world with my music and visit new places. When I have free time I like to do a lot of things and learning something new if I can, I love to do a lot of sports also like football, surf and also started recently with Muay Thai since I’m living in Thailand.

3. Who were your influences growing up?
As I told you, I’m mixed nationality so I use to hear a lot of Latin music in my house since I was a kid because of the Latin mum, haha, but I also love Flamenco music and of course electronic music. So I can’t say I have only one influences but many from all the different types of music I like to hear and also find inspirations in what’s around me every day.

4. It’s awesome to know you’re the resident DJ at Illusion Phuket. Tell us more about your DJing experience at Illuzion.
My experience at Illuzion it’s been incredible for the moment, it’s one of the best clubs in the world where I have the opportunity to share decks with many big artists. Since I started in December 2018 I had performed more than 200 shows so it been crazy.

5. What is your current music style?
I play EDM, big room tunes. I prefer you to listen to my music so you can have an idea.

6. What is your favorite Thai food?
I love Thai food, my favorite I will say it is Papaya Salad and “pad ka Pao Gai” don’t know how to write it properly, hope you can understand.

7. Which is the best club you have ever performed?
I don´t have one favorite club, all are special. Performing in a big festival or a big club, of course, its the dream of every Dj and its so fun, but small venues and be able to see the face of all the people in front of you and have that close connection its the best feeling.

8. Which music platform our readers find and hear your music?
You can find my music on Spotify, Soundcloud, Beatport, youtube and all my social networks and many other music platforms.

9. What are your future plans?
Now I’m focused on the production, working on lots of new music and waiting for the release of my next track “Over Bounce” that I will release this 26th of August.

10. What is your last shoutout?
Hope to be touring to new countries with my music this year, and continue doing what I love for all the time I can.

That’s all for now. The next time when visiting Phuket, make sure to go Illuzion and check out Chazin behind the decks!

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