Interview with DJ Chukiess

DJ Chukiess Interview

Now here is the interview with DJ Chukiess, one of the 2nd most voted DJ for this year Clubbing9 Top DJ Award 2010.

1. You has been voted as one of the Clubbing9 Top DJ Award Winner, tell us how you feel?
I feel so happy and thanks full to the voters that had been voted me, espacialy for all my friends, family & fans.

2. How you start involved DJ industry?
I just started been a DJ about a year. Before that i am a dance & music editer for my dance group (Spoiler Shuffler). Then one day i meet DJ Darn, he invited me to join Masterbase DJ Academy at Maison. After i finish graduate in the dj academy i starting get gigs. Then i started to know DJ Yoshiro & D.O.A, three of us started collabrate and did some gigs for teen agers (Tea Dance). After 5 month later i got invaitation by club, like Elysium, Mojo etc.

3. What genre you play?
I play all type of music but my favourite genre was Electro.

4. What is your hobby?
Online, Chlling, Jamming & updates my tracklist.

5. What is your favourite artists?
Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta & Fast Foot.

6. What is your future plan in your career?
I will produce my own album and be a international dj.

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