Interview With DJ Wolfram

Beautiful in flesh and skillful on the decks DJ Wolfram will be in Kuala Lumpur Bedroom on 13th July 2012 to charm and charge up the night with his mix of the finest dance music. Check out this short interview with DJ Wolfram after the jump.

Clubbing9 : Hello Wolfram! First of all, lets introduce yourself readers
DJ Wolfram : Hi my first name is wolfram and one of my projects is called “DISKOKAINE”

Clubbing9 : Tell us more about your skills on the decks.
DJ Wolfram : I’m not a crazy skill person. Most djs just act if they do a lot on their mixer but you can not really hear what they do.I just try to create a nice vibe and that people have fun or some sort of good emotions.

Clubbing9 : Which DJ that inspired you most and planning to work with in the future?
DJ Wolfram : I try to avoid working with djs and I prefer to work with real musicians or singers.On my album people like hercules&love affair,haddaway(from 1992 hit”what is love”) and “holy ghost!” provided vocals because they are singers and not really djs.

Clubbing9 : You’ll be performing at Bedroom KL next week, how do you feel?
DJ Wolfram : Im extremely excited and cant wait to check out the kl clubbers!

Clubbing9 : What is your last message or shoutout to Clubbing9ine.comreaders before we end this enterview? 🙂

DJ Wolfram : Please come and jump,dance and smile with me! We will have FUN!

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