Interview with Jan Oostdyk


So far 2009 has been a highlight year for Oostdyk, featuring some strong releases and support from the biggest names modern trance has to offer. Tiesto’s invitation to perform the 15 Minutes Of Fame in his international radioshow Club Life came as a pleasant surprise, but when Ferry Corsten and Sied van Riel recognized Oostdyk as the biggest talent of 2009 in their interviews for the annual DJ Mag Top 100 list the champagne was taken out of the fridge at the Oostdyk residence!

1. How did you got yourself into DJing?
Hi! Well I played the piano for over 12 years and always was very orientated on big melodies. When I heard Out Of The Blue by System F I knew this was what I wanted! So I bought a computer and a synth and just started producing. The first things weren’t that good obviously but I just developed my own sound, big strong melodies combined with floor blazing power! After various collaborations and projects under numerous aliases I decided to start producing under my own name, and here we are today! I focused on my productions for some time now and now it’s time to focus on my dj career.

2. Who is the DJ that inspired you most?
There are two actually, Ferry Corsten and Ron van den Beuken! Ferry Corsten with his beautiful melodies and Ron van den Beuken for the power in dance music.

3. Where can our readers get to listen your music?
There are multiple options actually! On my website you can listen to my tracks in the audioplayer at the bottom. All my music is available at Beatport, Audiojelly and all the other big portals off course for download. Besides that, I have a monthly radioshow called The Basement which you can listen to on Clubbing 9 and download via my website at the end of the month.

4. Tell us more about your latest radio show.
In my radioshow, a one hour monthly show, listeners get the full Jan Oostdyk treatment! Beautiful melodies, pure dance floor power and my deep lovely voice off course. Cheerios!

5. What are the tracks you played the most in your DJ set?
Several tracks are in my favourite list lately actually! One of them is Dustin Zahn – Stranger To Stability in the Len Faki Podium Mix, HEY! And off course my own productions like Eivissa Eivissa and the RTFM Remix.

6. You have been recognized as the Breakthrough/Producer year 2009 by Ferry Corsten & Sied Van Riel, how do you feel & what is your next plan?
I was off course very happy when I found out, the champagne was taken out of the cooler haha! Plans for the future are just to continue down this path on the production side of things, I have some cool collaborations in the planning and off course a follow up to Eivissa Eivissa! For the dj part we’re working on some cool things at the moment.

7. Ever plan for a tour to Asia in the near future?
Yes, we’re in talks with several possible partners for gigs in Asia! More info soon on my website

8. What is your message/shoutout to our Clubbing9 reader?
Thanks for all the support in the recent past, I hope you will also support me in the future! Enjoy my radioshow on Clubbing 9 and for now…

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