It’s All Gone Pete Tong

It’s All Gone Pete Tong is a must watch. This movie is about a legendary DJ named Frankie Wilde who loss his hearing permanently. With some appearance of world’s DJs like Carl Cox, Tiësto, Sarah Main, Barry Ashworth, Paul van Dyk, Lol Hammond and Pete Tong.

At the beginning of the film, Frankie Wilde is a wildly successful DJ on the party island of Ibiza. He has a recording contract, performs at high-profile nightclubs, and lives in a luxurious villa with his trophy wife, Sonya, and their son. In talking head sequences, contemporary DJs laud Frankie’s turntable skills during this period. It is also evident that Frankie has cocaine and alcohol addictions (in hallucinations, his drug addiction is represented by a giant, menacing badger). His career is increasingly guided by egotistical, insensitive super-agent Max Haggar.

It’s funny when suddenly the big animal appeared in the movie, trying to provoke & fight Frankie Wilde. HAHAHA.. crazy shit.. You should watch it.

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