We Are Your Friends, The New EDM DJ Movie

We Are Your Friends Movie

But if you’re a dj, all you need is a laptop, some talent and one track

We Are Your Friends is an upcoming summer movie about the world of electronic dance music and Hollywood nightlife. Starring Zac Efron as 23 years old DJ named Cole who goes through his days plotting with his youth companions and his nights working on one track that will set the EDM scene ablaze. He started as a local club dj and shot to fame into superstar dj, performing in front thousand of fans.

Bassnectar’s “You & Me” with W. Darling is featured as the soundtrack in the three minute trailer. Although the movie doesn’t sound convincing to some dance music fans in the real world out there, but for sure this is a big potential movie to enjoy this summer 2015!

We Are Your Friends coming to theaters on August 8th 2015.

Watch the trailer here

Perhaps if you want something wilder and crazier movie about party, wait till August 19th 2016 and watch Project XX!

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