13 Top Thai Music, New Songs Trending In 2020

Top Thai Music 2020

Are you up for the top Thai music of 2020? Recently our curated Thai songs playlist has gone viral and this time we’re back with another playlist with the best Thai songs of 2020.

Thai songs have their own unique music style and it can be enjoyed and listened to by anyone and whenever we go. The Thai songs below are currently popular and viral in Thailand, performed by popular Thai singers and some are original soundtracks from Thai TV Series.

Let’s get straight to the point, here we revealed some of the 2020 best Thai music to listen, carefully curated and reviewed by ears of our editors. Most of the curated Thai songs are added from top Thai music charts and updated to our playlist from time to time. This way, you won’t miss out on any of the songs that were once on the 10 top charts.

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View all music videos on the Youtube playlist here.

If you have heard a song during your vacation in Bangkok or any other cities in Thailand but not sure what the song is, this post might be helpful for you big time to find out the latest Thai songs that are popular in 2020.

Editor’s Pick: Top Thai Songs of 2020

1. Tilly Birds – คิด(แต่ไม่)ถึง (Same Page?)
2. GUNGUN – วาฬเกยตื้น
3. Mirrr – นิโคติน
4. Stamp – 1%
5. MILLI – พักก่อน
6. Colorpitch – หมอก
7. Rooftop, AUTTA – คนเราจะแอบรักใครสักคนได้นานแค่ไหน
8. BOWKYLION – ลงใจ
9. Zommarie – หรือฉันคิดไปเอง
10. Three Man Down – ฝนตกไหม
11. MEYOU – ภาวนา
12. Indigo – ถ้าฉันเป็นเขา
13. Zommarie feat Lazyloxy – รางวัลปลอบใจ

Most of the songs featured below are Thai Pop, Thai Pop Rock, Rap and Thai Hip Hop performed by the finest Thai singers. You can also get to hear modern Thai music mixed with country music which made certain Thai songs sound so unique compared to other countries.

Modern music produced with country music is very rare, one of the examples is Bodyslam featuring Siriporn Ampaipong in คิดฮอด (Kid Haud), where two different genres blend in one song. ‘Keu Tur Chai Ma’ is Getsunova’s collaboration with Tai Orathai, who is also a popular country singer in Thailand.

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