Bar Hopping in Kuala Lumpur’s Top Nightlife Hotspots

Bar Hopping Kuala Lumpur Guide 2018

If you have heard of bar hopping, it can be fun if trying to discover new bars and clubs when travelling to Kuala Lumpur or overseas. Bar hopping is not new and Kuala Lumpur is no stranger to tourists from around the world. The different things about Kuala Lumpur are the environment, surroundings, culture, and music taste.

We can go bar hopping or even club hopping at the nightlife hotspot. Find out more about how to fully utilize nightlife websites and what it offers for travellers. Each country has its own top nightlife district hotspot so I guess we can start there.

Girl Goes Clubbing
A clubbing hotspot will be either a street full of bars and clubs or just located in one area. With easy access to taxis and even car rentals, it’s easy to get to these tourist hotspot areas without hassle. Most of the taxis are familiar with the area.

Yes, bar hopping can be fun when going with a group of friends. Take the time to enjoy some really good music or just chill out all night.

At night or during the weekends, there are many locals and Asian beauties who will arrive at the entrance, looking for customers to accompany them for drinks. Some smaller pubs in Kuala Lumpur also have bar girls and PR to ‘entertain‘ all night long.[/sociallocker]

Every city in this world has its best-kept secrets. You will only need to know where to find them, we meant the best bars. Bar and club hopping helps to explore the clubbing experience in the city’s nightlife scenes. What is bar hopping and how it works?

Best Bar Hopping Areas in KL

Kuala Lumpur
Changkat Bukit Bintang, Jalan P. Ramlee, Bukit Bintang, KLCC Area

Upper Penang Road

Malacca Town, Jalan Melaka

It is best to look out for nightlife entertainment hubs in the city such as TREC because all the bars and clubs are located in one designated area.

Well, we called it bar hop also known as bar crawl because you or a group of friends will enter a venue, buy drinks, chill out, enjoy the moments and then move on to a new venue and so on.

Honestly saying, if you are a tourist, there might be a hard time looking for local girls in Kuala Lumpur, unless if see a hot one, just go for it.

From the normal bars to the highest yet most luxurious rooftop bars, visitors can enjoy the best booze in the city all night long when it comes to bar hopping in Kuala Lumpur or other cities and if visiting Malaysia at the right time, you might get to party or attend festivals such as indoor dance music festivals, Octoberfest or even compete with others for the best Halloween costumes in town.

Club hopping is similar to bar hop, but you will be visiting the best dance clubs in the cities. There are many top dance clubs to find in Kuala Lumpur clubbing areas including Zouk Club, Zion Club, and Fuze Club, just to name the best ones.

Club hopping can be fun to get the full clubbing experiences the Kuala Lumpur nightlife has to offer. You came to the right place where many talented local and international DJs had performed, the cutting-edge electronic music plus the hot dancers on stage.

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