Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas

Top 10 Best Halloween Costumes Ideas

Halloween costume ideas 2019 can be more unique and outstanding than the others, as we can see there are a few horror characters we have seen in movies that already gave us a bone-chilling feeling. I guess some of us have watched the latest horror movies including IT, The Conjuring, and The Nun, just to name a few of the popular ones.

Halloween is back in 2019, let’s find out what are the best cosplay and Halloween costume ideas we handpicked for this year.

Here we have some of the best Halloween costume ideas and tips we have compiled based on 2019 films. Planning to attend any Halloween parties this October but not sure which costume to choose? This page is specially created for those who want to freak out about their friends or strangers.

Yes, Sometimes we still need to do some makeup if planning to choose the top Halloween costume below. Good Halloween makeup or sometimes wearing a Halloween mask is also important to give a spooky and scary look. To look even more realistic, a professional makeup artist can do the job, it’s easier yet save some time without DIY. There are several ways to make this Halloween night a little awesome, either by buying a complete set, purchasing face masks, renting costumes or just doing the horror makeup will do.

Top Halloween Costume Ideas of 2019 Goes To…

Halloween makeup is quite realistic if use those rubber masks as seen in films. It works well with a costume. Now let’s not stray away from the topic here because we are about to reveal the top 10 best Halloween costume ideas of 2019 below.

Although it’s Halloween doesn’t mean that we need to wear something that looks terrifying or horror, better choose something that stands out from others and can also be worn during Halloween or cosplay parties.

1. Scary Purge Mask – Best Halloween Mask

Purge mask is a popular mask for the year 2019 and there are crazed over this LED purge mask. It is a simple costume setup by matching up the mask with a hoodie. Put on this scary LED mask and it’s good to go out for a Halloween party with the fancy LED of course. Looks awesome!

2. Pennywise The Clown

Pennywise Clown Halloween Costume 2019
Every kid’s nightmare is here, even to an adult. We know IT & IT 2 is a very popular film in 2018 & 2019, I’m sure we’ll hear of the news of people pissed in their pants and so. We chose Pennywise because he has those creepy looks! If makeup is done correctly, we are sure can give our friends a freak scare!

3. Valak

Valak Halloween Costume Ideas 2019
We have chosen Valak as an idea in this costume list because although it looks simple if the makeup is done correctly, Valak Halloween makeup can be quite terrifying.

4. Venom

Venom Mask Halloween Ideas
Trending in cinema right now, Venom is a villain character that looks quite scary, this can be done with a rubber mask or makeup extension. It’s all up to our creativity too to get it to look real life. Guess this might take an effort and time to get perfect.

5. Annabelle

Annabelle Halloween Makeup
Our fifth costume idea goes to Annabelle, we can easily get the mask out there, just search for Annabelle’s mask on the internet. There is no need to be 100% similar because it’s all up to our creativity to create a haunting Annabelle look.

6. Morbius, The Living Vampire

Morbius Halloween Costume Idea 2019

6. Chucky

Chucky Child Play Costume

#Editor’s Pick: Best Cosplay & Halloween Costume Ideas

This section is the editor’s pick of the best cosplay and Halloween costume for 2019. From movies to console game characters, here are our handpicked best costumes. Outstand and grab attention among the others at the party.

8. Final Fantasy 7 Cloud Strife Costume

The Final Fantasy VII fever is here, and many Final Fantasy fans are going crazy about it! Final Fantasy VII Remake is an upcoming PS4 console game set for release on March 2020. Grab this Cloud Strife costume now and outstand all your friends at the Halloween party.

9. Captain Marvel

We all know Captain Marvel is the most powerful superhero character in the MCU. This is the only best costume we can find on the internet and it looks just the same just like in the movie.

10. Plague Doctor Bird Mask

Plague Doctor is one of our favourite Halloween masks of 2019. We always see it mostly in movies or Bloodborne the PS4 game and we think this crow beak mask is so cool!

Hope you like our 2019 Halloween costumes, makeup ideas, and cosplay costumes. Halloween is just around the corner, now start choosing your best costume!

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