2NE1 – I Am The Best

Capitol Music Group is proud to announce the signing of CL, the team leader of Korean K-Pop group 2NE1. CL is the epitome of a perfect entertainer – she is a versatile rapper, vocalist, and dancer. Her explosive charisma and live performance is what sets her apart from your typical K-Pop artist. Style.com has labeled her “a fashion icon” – she is muse to Jeremy Scott and has been spotted hanging with the likes of A$AP Rocky and Terry Richardson at NY Fashion Week. CL has featured on Skrillex’ “Recess” album alongside Diplo and label-mate G-Dragon on the hit track “Dirty Vibe”.


Her first solo song, “The Baddest Female”, demonstrates a musical style unique to CL as well as her solo cut “Mental Breakdown (MTBD)” from 2NE1’s best-selling and highest charting album in the US, “Crush.”

Check out the video for “The Baddest Female” which has over 17.5 million views:

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