Interview with Perfume (JP), 3rd Perfume Dance Contest – Miseyo, BUDOKAN!


Japan’s No.1 techno pop girls unit, Perfume, is celebrating the 10-year-anniversary of their major debut by hosting a 10 day special event & show in Tokyo. Perfume will hold “3rd Perfume Dance Contest – Miseyo, BUDOKAN!-” on September 23rd, which is a dance contest that fans from all over the world can participate. Let’s hear out what the girls have to say.

2015 is your 10th major debut anniversary and also your 15th anniversary since the formation of the group so you have many events happening including dates at NIPPON BUDOKAN. What’s your plan for the 10 day event?
KASHIYUKA: We want to thank everyone for supporting us thus far and we want to show our appreciation by having fun with the audience during those 10 days. We want to make it a very Perfume-like warm and loving 10 day event.

How did you originally come up with an idea of dance contest?
A-CHAN: We found out that a lot of people are communicating through our dance crossing over the boarders so we wanted to let more people know how fun dance is by organizing a dance contest.

For the last dance contest, there was an international category for contestants from overseas. Did any particular contestant make special impression?
NOCCHi: We love all contestants for sure! I remember solo dancers who danced alone in their own rooms. I also remember dancers who danced in front of a signature location of their country. Those videos stand out in my memory.

Do you have any advice for fans who want to dance like Perfume?
KASHIYUKA: If you pay attention to small details like the angle of tips of your fingers, toes, body and legs, it will look a lot like Perfume dance! If you are dancing in a group, make sure that body angle and the height of your legs, hands and elbows match. That makes a big difference!

What do you think is the biggest difference of the dance videos sent from overseas compared to the ones from Japan? What did you find most interesting?
A-CHAN: Background of the video is so different! LOL. Sun is up so high and their costumes and buildings all seem more colorful. It makes me cheerful just by watching those videos. (*^_^*) I also like the facial expressions of our int’l fans! They seem to be more expressive.

Perfume members will be the judges of the contest. What are some points and criteria that you pay attention to when judging?
NOCCHi: Most important thing is PASSION!!! I pay attention to their passion toward Perfume in their dance!

What is your favorite Perfume dance tune?
KASHIYUKA: “Spending all my time (DV&LM remix)” It’s not exactly a dance track but more like a track that makes you feel good and just want to move your body. I like how the track gradually brings you high.
NOCCHi: “Party Maker”

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