J-Pop Girls Perfume Performing ‘Sweet Refrain’ Music Video

A fan of J-pop? Check out Japanese girls group Perfume performing their brand music video “Sweet Refrain” & “1mm“. The girl group released their brand new album LEVEL3 on Oct. They have quite a few great songs including “Sweet Refrain”, “1mm” which features some electro-pop vibe something different to see in 2013.

Perfume consist of 3 young members Ayaka Nishiwaki, Ayano & Yuka Kashino who started in 2001 till present. The first breakthrough was with their hit single “Polyrhythm” in the year 2007. This song took techno pop music and culture to a mainstream level.


The J-pop girls Perfume released a short version of “Sweet Refrain” music video 2 weeks before announcing for Asia release, make sure to watch it below. “Sweet Refrain CD+DVD is confirmed for Nov. 29th release in Taiwan!!!“, as they posted in Facebook.

Sweet Refrain

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