Lady Gaga ‘Applause’ Music Video Premiere, Fans Gone Crazy!

Lady Gaga released her latest single ‘Applause’ and performed in the music video, this time with new pop tune with breakbeat style, sort of. As usual, the music video featured weird outfit wore by Lady Gaga, it’s still cool anyway! The video was uploaded today and already get 900k hits on Youtube, i’m sure you don’t have to miss this one too.

The new single ‘Applause’, taken from Lady Gaga’s upcoming album ‘ARTPOP’ is scheduled for release this November 2013.

We can see all her fans gone crazy with this new song! Here’s some of the comments on her fan page.

LOVELOVELOVE!! Can’t wait for the VMA performance it’s gonna be the only part even worth watching! SO EXCITED FOR THE RESF OF THE ALBUM!!

Very Good Video. Congratulations! I’m really your style Lady Gaga: D .. let me Tell you I hedgehog therefore com fashion, dance, etc… you’re the best #1

Love It! Love It! Love It! Never has amazing and weird come together in harmony.What a comeback! Can’t wait to get the new album.

Will this be another record breaking song of the year? Find out and listen yourself, give it an ‘Applause’ if you like!

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