Lady Gaga Released Brand New ‘ARTPOP’ Album

Lady Gaga brand new album ‘ARTPOP’ is now available worldwide released on Interscope Records and the new album features 15 songs including hit singles ‘Applause‘, ‘Dope‘, ‘Aura‘, ‘Do What U Want‘ and many more songs.

Lady Gaga was the first true millennial superstar. Mastering the constant connection of the internet era, Gaga generated countless mini sensations through her style, her videos, and her music, cultivating a devoted audience she dubbed “Little Monsters”.

Lady Gaga ‘Applause‘ get over 101 million views on Youtube and she also performed ‘Dope‘ at the Youtube Music Awards recently.

ARTPOP Tracklist
1. Aura
2. Venus
3. G.U.Y
4. Sexxx Dreams
5. Jewels N’ Drugs
7. Do What U Want (ft. R. Kelly)
8. Artpop
9. Swine
10. Donatella
11. Fashion!
12. Mary Jane Holland
13. Dope
14. Gypsy
15. Applause

Get the ARTPOP album now on iTunes here

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