Shakira Announced New Album Release in March 2014

After Shakira has just reported on Monday (January 13) with her ​​new single ‘Can not Remember To Forget’ featuring Rihanna, it is now time for the fans on their upcoming studio album. On Twitter, the Colombian (‘Waka Waka’) writes: “25 March should be to Shakira Day, worldwide,” What does that mean exactly, her record label said a short time later: The 25th March is actually the U.S. release date of their new album. In Germany it appears as early as 21 March it said in a press release.

Shakira last published in 2010, the album ‘Sale el sol’ and thus reached # 6 on the German charts. For their comeback single ‘Can not Remember To Forget’ invited the 36 – year-old singer Rihanna colleague into the studio and raves about the collaboration. “Working with her was utopia She is the sexiest woman on the planet at the end of day we are both Caribbean girls, the chemistry between us was just right. She brought me dance moves in and was a really sweet teacher. “

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