There Are Something You Need Know About Ari & Miu of Waveya

Waveya Korean Group

The dance group Waveya became an internet hit when their sexy dance choreography first went viral on YouTube. Their sexiest dance video cover for PSY’s Gentleman & Gangnam Style has gone into heat wave in 2013, accumulated over total 200 million views on YouTube.

Many Waveya fans were asking what happened to the rest of the members as now you can see in all the latest video only left 2 members, the dance group founder Ari has revealed her statement that the Waveya ex-members leave the group due to career advancement and study.

Waveya was shot to fame internationally and has performed in concerts in USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and just to name a few.

Waveya Miu
Waveya Ari

Now with 2 members left, Ari & Miu, the duo continues and still going strong until today, performing sexy dance covering many popular western songs for Fifth Harmony ‘Worth It’, Taylor Shift ‘Shake It’ and Kpop songs from AOA, Hyuna, 4minute and many more.

Lets find out the top 5 popular Waveya dance cover they have performed so far

PSY Gangnam Style Cover – 157,633,478 views
PSY Gentleman Cover – 67,453,376 views
David Guetta Ain’t A Party Cover – 34,337,421 views
Serebro Mi Mi Mi Cover – 27,743,287 views
Beyonce Run The World Cover – 17,352,498

Lets watch some of their brand new sexy moves

Visit their official Facebook Page to know more about the Korean sisters, Ari & Miu.

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