Girls’ Generation Tiffany “Heartbreak Hotel” MV Released, It’s Mind-Twisted


Girls’ Generation Tiffany released another single titled “Heartbreak Hotel” this month and available for listening on Spotify and other music streaming platform. After the success of I Just Wanna Dance and her solo mini album, Heartbreak Hotel was released 3 days ago and Tiffany’s new music video has gained over 1.8 million views on YouTube.

Heartbreak Hotel is more to Western, mid tempo electro-pop and modern music style with strong vocal from Tiffany and the featuring rapping by South Korean Hip Hop artist Simon Dominic. The new song is also available for purchase via iTunes.

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The music video tell the story of a girl (performed by Tiffany herself) who meet a guy at bar club, they shared some great moments but later Tiffany find out the guy was hugging another woman. Feeling sad, she turned around (the break up moment) and walk away until there are some flashback scene of her memories with the guy before the MV end.

The music video was a bit mind-twisting similar to Inception ending, it got us questioned and took awhile to figure out what is the meaning at the end of the video. With the eye contact with each other, will she forgive the guy and be together again? We just don’t know and it was mind-twisted. According to the lyric, it says “This place is a heartbreak hotel, and she’ll leave this sad place“, so we assume she won’t forgive him. Great! It was a great MV after all, Tiffany looked gorgeous and beautiful in the video.

Heartbreak Hotel quickly became one of our favorite Korean pop song on Spotify, worth listening daily over and over again. Watch Heartbreak Hotel music video below

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