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Lan Kwai Fong Hong Kong Nightlife Guide

Nightlife Travel Guide in Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, the tempting nightlife will definitely ask you to join in. Because of its vibrant night activities, there is no doubt that Hong Kong nightlife is the party capital of Asia.

There are different things to do in Hong Kong such as you can stroll in the streets of Hong Kong with your friends, take a luxurious cruise over Victoria Harbour or you can visit bars, nightclubs and pubs. So the next time you plan a vacation to Hong Kong, you will not have to worry about nightlife entertainment since there is so much that you can do. You can also find similar things to do in Singapore and Taipei nightspots but more exciting night activities you can experience.

There are different places in HK that are known for their entertainment spots. One of those is Wan Chai. It has a nearby Causeway Bay that includes many discos and bars that are open until dawn. Hong Kong’s pubs, bars, nightclub, drama, music festivals and all other events have combined into the luxurious banquet of its nightlife. Jump into the rush and discover the magnificent charm of this oriental pearl.

Hong Kong Nightlife Tips

Popular Bars and Pubs in Hong Kong Nightlife District

Whether you have come to Hong Kong for pleasure or a business trip, the country offers a wide range of bars and pubs, which you can pay a visit to relax and unwind from a busy day of business meetings or excursions. The top dance clubs in HK are Lan Kwai Fong, Wan Chai and Tsim Sha.

Out of them, Lan Kwai Fong is considered as the icon of Hong Kong nightlife. You can enjoy wine, alcohol and beer from a myriad of countries accompanied by dart, music band and chess. Local people visit these pubs and clubs in order to socialise and relax, whereas tourists come here to experience the delightful and unique nightlife that HK has to offer.

These top dance clubs and bars have two flavors, either Chinese or Western. Western cabarets or nightclubs focus on catering the tourists and foreigners, whereas, Chinese nightclubs focus on targeting the locals more. The dining and entertainment package are suitable for both families and business associates. Music festivals that take place in these nightclubs include electronic music, Cantonese opera, folk dances and acrobat.

Musical Ground

Hong Kong’s best nightclubs have more variety than any other city can offer in Asia. The nightclubs are open until morning and have a lot of musical ground. The foundations of famous clubs and bars are shaken by the commercial big room anthems. These clubs offer a lot of variety from hipster haunts to cutting-edge electronic music.

Hong Kong Clubbing Guide

Dancing on bars with railings

One of the most famous things about most of the bars in Hong Kong is that they prop everyone up on top of their bars. Dancing on the bar top is very popular in Hong Kong. The bar owners have installed brass railings to avoid any inadvertent stage jumping over the staff or crowd.

Most of the Hong Kong nightlife options are available in Tsim Sha Tsui. Over here, you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind nightlife experience where several bars and restaurants offer outdoor seating so that you can enjoy the star-lit nightlife of Hong Kong. In order to find happy hours in most clubs and bars, go there from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Do not miss the fun by staying at home because there are many things to do when it comes to enjoying the nightlife.

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