10 Best Weekend Activities To Do In Kuala Lumpur

Best Weekend Activities Kuala Lumpur

Not going out on the weekends or trying to change to a healthy lifestyle? We have you covered and have come to the right page. It’s great to spend more quality time with family or even friends. This best weekend activities article will guide you with the things to do or find entertainment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It can be a headache when trying to look for entertainment over the weekend after returning from hectic work. It is best to organize, plan an outing or survey before heading out.

Here we have suggestions on best weekend activities and entertainment in KL to try out while spending good time with friends and family, staying healthy and happy.

We might easily get bored if go clubbing in Kuala Lumpur frequently, especially when nightclubs or bars get crowded. Plus, with the announcement lately of new entertainment outlets closing time has been shortened to 2 am. Here, we have some ideas or suggestions to find alternative entertainment & best activities on weekends.

1. Workout at the Gym

Body Workout at Gym - Best Weekend Activities
Time to workout and flex the muscles. If you are looking for a healthy lifestyle, go to the gym! Workout every day after work or even fill the time on the weekend. Hit up the best workout music and go beast mode! We are not stopping anyone from going clubbing frequently. It will be pretty hyped up and more fun going to clubs once a month and by drinking casually, beer is beneficial to health too. Plus, you can show off some muscles to some hot ladies in the clubs!

2. Sing Favorite Songs at Karaoke

Sing Karaoke - Best Weekend Activities
Invite friends & go sing your heart out together! It can be fun when going in groups, plus its wallet-saving during the off-peak hour promos below RM80 including foods and drinks. There are many popular karaoke joints in Malaysia, the top KTVs and karaoke outlets are Neways, Red Box, Loudspeaker (大嘴叭), just to name a few. We are sure all the latest and best karaoke songs at karaoke outlets because their karaoke songs list is updated frequently.

3. Throw A House Party

Throw House Party - Best Weekend Activities
Sometimes we will get bored of the things in life, why not lift up the mood by throwing a house party! Get to know how to throw a party in style. First, make a plan for a house party, find suitable dates, call up and hire DJs, invite friends and family. Do shout out on social media about the upcoming private party! Let the DJs dropped their favourite party songs playlist. If organizing a private party in own house will disturb the neighbours with loud music, why not rent a villa or homestay? It can be a fun getaway trip and the best activity to do during the weekend with friends and family.

4. Watch a movie in the cinema

Watch Movies in Cinema - Best Weekend Activities
Hanging out with friends and watch the latest movie in the cinema is one of the best weekend activities we Malaysian love to do. Why not indulge in the movie experience with an amazing sound presentation such as the Dolby Atmos or watch in 4D? With the recent announcement of the Onyx Cinema LED screen, everyone can now watch in high definition and crystal clear movie. We are sure you will fully enjoy and satisfied walking out of the cinema.

5. Shop Till You Drop

Shopping - Best Weekend Activities
Going shopping is another weekend activity and things to do in KL. Pamper and reward ourselves once a while by going shopping when there are sales! Shopping also helps get in a good mood.

6. Watch Netflix

Watch Netflix - Best Weekend Activities
We use to say ‘Netflix & Chill‘. Feeling a little laidback and not planning going out over the weekend? Get subscribe with Netflix and enjoy hundreds of great movies and TV shows in High Definition. This also helps save money too. Stick to the seat, chill out and get the favourite snacks ready!

7. Plan A Trip

Planning a Trip - Best Weekend Activities
Plan a trip over the weekend and fly with friends or family! We recommend take leave from work and fly on Thursday or Friday. Book flight tickets and enjoy a short getaway in Malaysia or other Asian countries. It is best to search hotels nearest to destinations, town or city. Be it a short weekend to the best party islands in Southeast Asia or exploring the city in Taipei, let’s make your day & night trip counts!

8. Go swimming

Swimming - Best Weekend Activities
Relax and go swimming at weekend. With the scorching sun and hot weather in Malaysia, going for a swim in the pool will help relax the body and increase good mood. Best time for swimming activity is during the evening around 5pm to 7pm.

8. Go Yoga Class

Yoga Class Fitness - Best Weekend Activities
Quite similar to our first list of best weekend activities, yoga meditation, going to dance class or yoga class on the weekend is a healthy lifestyle. Indulge in zen and relaxation at Yoga class. It is best to release the stress from weekdays work hectic. Rope yoga is quite popular today, just go for it!

10. Body Massage

Healthy Massage - Best Weekend Activities
Many people got stressed when they went through tough days at work. Why not relax and go for a good body massage? Relax on the weekend with a good massage.

So that’s all for our suggestions on the list of things to do and best weekend activities for you. As the pandemic is hitting us hard, we are advised to stay at home and also revealed the things to do during the lockdown. Hope this list will help fill the weekend with an amazing experience.

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