Johor Bahru’s Top Draws for Sightseeing and Nightlife

Johor Bahru Attractions Places, Sightseeing and Nightlife

Johor Bahru is the capital of Johor, Malaysia. It is found right at the cross point of Johor Causeway which connects Singapore to Malaysia. Tourists and backpackers can find Johor Bahru attractions places with the guide of this post.

Aside from attracting its own share of tourists, JB also brings in tourists from nearby Singapore who find the place a welcome detour. What can you see and do in JB? What popular attraction places should you visit? Where do you go for shopping, entertainment, nightlife, and sightseeing?

Johor Bahru Attractions Places

The following list offers attractions and top draws for tourists:

Legoland Johor Bahru Malaysia
Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Amusement Park

Legoland Amusement Park is one of the more popular tourist attractions in the city. If you have kids, do not fail to include this park in your itinerary.

The Park has Miniland as its centerpiece. You will be amazed to find regional landmarks like the Merlion of Singapore and the Petronas Towers in their miniature forms – built of Lego.

The Park offers much more than the bricks. You will find incredible options for fun, rides, and entertainment. Join your kids as they climb up towers with ropes, crawl under bridges, use lasers to fend off the mummies, go around on a dragon-coaster, and simply have a grand time.

The park has two main sections. The theme park offers a variety of exciting rides – all of which carries Lego themes. The water park is a wonderful pleasant haven from the tropical heat.

Hello Kitty Town

If your kids are fans of this Sanrio’s icon, you should drop by Hello Kitty Town and say hello to this popular kitty and her friends. You can enjoy Hello Kitty’s live performance on stage or wander about the Kitty House to rave over the iconic items that fill the house from top to bottom. Your family will enjoy the unique interactive experience that the theme park offers.

Johor Bahru City Center

If you want to go shopping, you should visit JBCC or the Johor Bahru City Center. Considered the commercial center of JB, it is where you can find many of the more interesting entertainment centers and shopping malls in the city.

The place offers local color. There are many hawkers plying local charming wares. Many tourists visit the place to purchase batik print fabrics and brass bric-a-brac at bargain prices. You also have a wide range of options when it comes to food. Experience the culture of the country by trying the food that the street vendors hawk.

Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque

The city takes pride in the 19th century Abu Bakar Mosque – a structure that blends Moorish style with contemporary touches. The mosque perches on top of a hill, making it visible from the city’s center. Overlooking the ocean, the mosque is considered one of the best places for meditation and relaxation.

Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple

This is one of the city’s oldest Hindu temples.

It started out as a humble hut but was rebuilt into a magnificent glass temple through the vision of Sri Sinnathamby Sivasamy, more popularly referred to as Guru Bhagawan Sittar, who still serves as the temple’s chief priest, chairman, and driving force.

Tourists from all over the world, as well as the local devotees, are drawn to the temple by its sheer magnificence and extraordinary glass artwork. A breath-taking mosaic of white, purple, blue, red, yellow, and green glass embellishes 90% of the temple. The ceilings, walls, doors, and pillars of the temple reflect the light that comes from crystal chandeliers, resulting in a blinding blaze of glorious light.

Hello Kitty Town
Hello Kitty Town

Chinese Heritage Museum

This museum seeks to highlight and preserve the Chinese heritage of Johor Bahru. It has a wonderful collection of photos, documents, old money, musical instruments, and porcelain curios which demonstrate how the Chinese has influenced the development of Johor. It shows how the early Chinese settlers made Malaysia their home, established thriving businesses, and built flourishing communities.

A heritage trail map details all the places and old buildings in the city that are of historical interest.

Danga Bay

If you are looking for glamour and opulence, you should visit Danga Bay. You will find fine-dining restaurants, charming cafes, high-end retail shops, and a wide range of activities designed for entertainment and leisure. Danga Bay draws couples who are looking for nightlife with a touch of romance. It has many restaurants that offer sophisticated cuisine, great service, classy ambiance, and a great night view, to boot.


If you want to enjoy the rock music of Asia’s top bands, you should visit Lonestar. The place offers karaoke but most people flock to the place for its incredible rock and roll band music.

Lost Malaya Gallery

Of you want something more laidback, visit Lost Malaya Gallery. It is a quaint colonial bungalow that has been rehabilitated into a lounge and art gallery. You can have light refreshments and drinks with your friends at the lounge and enjoy the cool sea breeze. You can play pool. It is an amazing place to hang out in.

“Pasar Malam” Night Market

A different way to enjoy night life in Johor Bahru is to experience its bustling night market. Mingle with the local people and the tourists and enjoy amazing tastes and colors as vendors hawk meat, fruits, vegetables, cooked food, clothes, house ware, and drinks.

Johor Bahru Map

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