10 Beautiful Places You Can Visit in Malacca, The Historical City

Malacca City Travel Guide

Anyone who would visit the wonderful historical city of Malacca is in for a unique experience. At every corner of the city, you will see proof of its opulent history and culture. Malacca’s background roots come from the previous Portuguese, the Dutch and British government who ruled the city. With a background as rich and diverse as Malacca, you can expect so many wonderful places to go.

This Malacca city is declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malaysia. This guide will guide you through some of the Malacca’s popular historical sightseeing & attractions you can visit by day and night. Visit Malacca’s top nightlife hotspots in town to enjoy the party that the city can provide to travellers, expats and local tourists.

Malacca Popular Attractions & Sightseeing

A 'Famosa Malacca
A ‘Famosa Malacca
A Famosa Water Theme Park
A Famosa Water Theme Park Malacca

A ‘Famosa

If you want to relive Malacca’s bygone romantic era, the A ‘Famosa Resort is the place for you. Named after the famed 16th-century Portuguese monument, A ‘Famosa is a magnificent place to relax and have fun. Visit Malacca’s most magnificent holiday resort to feel refreshed with the lavish countryside and convenient facilities.

Enjoy a cool day off at A’Famosa Water Theme Park, the largest water theme park in Malaysia and play the different type of water rides and slides for adult and kids. Also enjoy other attractions such as Safari Wonderland, Golf Course and many more.

Jonker Street Malacca
Jonker Street Malacca, Photo credit: malacca.ws

Hang Tuah’s Well

A well that the greatest warrior of Malacca said to have dug himself, Hang Tuah’s Well is a place of mystery. According to stories, the spirit of Hang Tuah dwells in it as a white crocodile. They also say that only those with a pure-hearted heart can see the crocodile. With the mysticism surrounding the well, it is a must-see.

Jonker Street Night Market

The Jonker Street Night Market was once famed for the antique shops lined along its streets. Years after, it became more famous for the restaurants, clothing shops, crafts outlets, and many other attractions in the area. The Night Market is the perfect place to get the best of everything from street food, shopping, and boisterous music to cultural paradise. Open from 6 pm onwards.

Jonker Walk Melaka

If history and culture are what you’re into, Jalan Hang Jebat or simply Jonker Walk is where you can find it. Situated in Melaka, the city’s historic Chinatown, heritage houses as far bar as the 17th century margins Jonker Walk. Malacca is a town with an interesting mix of cultures with Jonker Street the perfect place to see them all merge. From bargain hunters to antique collectors, Jonker Walk has all kinds of people to meet. Jonker Walk Melaka opens at 5 pm onwards.

Malacca Zoo

Malacca City’s second largest zoo, you can find Malacca Zoo in Ayer Keroh. Visiting the zoo would let you see thousands of different animals from different species. From mammals to amphibians, Malacca Zoo is home to wide variety of animals. You can even find the famed Malayan tiger here. As a member of SEAZA, the zoo is a place to understand and study Malacca’s wildlife.

Taming Sari Malacca

Taming Sari Tower

Taming Sari Tower is Malaysia’s famous gyro tower. The tower is a 110-meters rotating structure that gives its visitors a 360-degree panoramic view of all the magnificent sights and attractions of Malacca City. Built with a state-of-the-art Swiss technology, Taming Sari Tower offers you a bird’s eye view of Malacca City spread below.

Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum is Flora de la Mar’s replica. Flora de la Mar is a ship from Portugal that sank off the country’s coast while carrying loot from Malacca. In visiting the Maritime Museum, you will find some interesting relics, documents, and displays of Melaka’s golden era. This makes Maritime Museum a great place to learn about their history and culture.

Places to Go at Night

Mixx Club Malacca

Mixx Club, Malacca City

Mixx Club is Malacca’s ruling club. Since it opened back in December 2011, it steadily made a name and solidified its credibility in the city’s nightlife scene. At Mixx Club, you can constantly see live visuals and new DJs brought in from different parts of Asia, performing as one of the club’s hit highpoints.

Hard Rock Café Malacca, Lorong Hang Jebat

Hard Rock Café Melaka is a popular venue to visit when you want to experience Malacca’s famed nightlife. Designed to match this exotic city’s old charm, the café takes pride in its comfortable dining area that overlooks the Dutch Square. Its bar looks out onto a brilliant view of the church and fort by the river. With attentive service and stunning views, it’s a place to stay during one of your strolls at night.

The Library, Malacca City

A restobar located in Melaka Raya, the Library boasts of an extensive food menu and live bands to entertain you. With a theatrical design that sets it apart from run-of-the-mill Malaccan bars, the Library takes good care of its upscale clients. This resto-bar has enough to attract classy visitors with its array of premium liquors.

Experience a perfect Malacca’s travel and nightlife with these 10 must-visit local attractions that are open day and night. Other cities you can visit in Malaysia includes Penang and Johor Bahru, which you can also find many attractions and place to go.

Malacca Location Map

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