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Taipei Travel Guide 101

This is an ultimate guide to Taipei nightlife and travel guide for travellers and backpackers. With the help of this Taipei guide, let’s make the most of your time exploring Taipei night attractions and finding out the happening nightlife in Taipei city.

Taipei Night Market GuidePlan A Trip To Taiwan

The nightlife in Taipei has grown from a small scale of local beer houses and expat pubs to an exuberant range of live music venues and lounge bars. The streets of Taipei City are crowded and bustling during the day, however, the same busy energy isn’t lost once the sun sets.

If you are looking to have an amazing Taipei nightlife experience in Taipei then you will require a full stomach because this multi-cultural metropolis showcases some of the best restaurants that serve a diverse array of international and local cuisines.

Not satisfied by just having dinner at an impeccable restaurant? Don’t worry because you will find a wide range of clubs and bars scattered across the city for a fun-filled and exhilarating nightlife experience.

Food Hunt At Night Market in Taipei

So the next time you plan a trip to Taipei and are considering things to do for nightlife activities, then you might want to go through this comprehensive nightlife travel guide in Taipei. This guide will fill you in on all the best nightclubs that are present in this city.

Taipei Nightlife ClubbingTaipei nightlife offers a unique and one-of-a-kind experience that just doesn’t revolve around the best nightclubs and bars. You can also visit night markets, which offer a great insight into the city’s magnificent culture and its passionate people.

Visit Shin Lin Night Market to enjoy several authentic Taiwanese eateries such as deep-fried chicken breasts, oyster pancakes, fresh squid and much more. There are other night markets that you might want to explore, which include Raohe street night market, Liaoning street night market and Longshan Huaxi street night market.

Taipei Nightlife District

If you have had enough of the local delicacies, you might want to experience the exhilarating and vigorous nightlife activities. For several years, Shuangcheng street located in Zhongshan district was popularly considered as the dynamic centre of Taipei nightlife, especially for many foreigners.

It harbours over 20 pubs which have become outdated compared to the current superior quality of nightlife activities. If you are looking for a more funkier ambience, you might want to hit the university districts of Gongguan and Shida that have cheaper clubs and pubs. On the other hand, if you enjoy an upscale taste, then East Taipei is where you will find all the best nightclubs and lounge bars.

Taipei Clubbing Guide

Hangout At The Best Venues in Taipei

To name some, Korner, Room18, Barcode, Elektro, Babe 18 are just some of the leading names that provide an amazing nightlife experience. Apart from this Taipei also is home to some of the best live music scenes that play everything from rock, pop to international jazz and blues.

Another great city with the best nightclub parties to consider visiting are the vibrant nightlife in Singapore and exciting travelling in Hong Kong that you can experience great dance music, weekly international DJ performances and hot ladies night parties.

So if you are passionate about live music, you might want to visit one of these venues that host soulful music sessions. When planning your next vacation to Taipei, you no longer have to cuddle up in your hotel room and enjoy a classic movie. Go out and explore the various nightlife activities that Taipei has to offer to you. You will surely be mesmerized by its hustling and bustling nightlife and will want more of it every night of your stay.

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