Bangkok Nightlife

Bangkok Nightlife

Thailand has recently named “The World’s Best Tourism Country” by a leading Swedish magazine, and this has been the ninth consecutive years of taking the award under her belt! This “Land of Smiles” is famous for its mouth-watering food and affordable designer clothings and furnitures aside from beautiful sprawling beach stretches with water activities and diversified culture and ethnic festivals. Of course, clubbing and nighlife are another most talk-about. Here, you can find varieties of exciting nightlife in Asia, suiting your taste.

One of the best nightspots to be explored is Royal City Avenue (RCA) in Bangkok nightlife. RCA is the earliest street officially designated as nightlife zone by the government. Expect chic lounges and pubs along the roadside. Some electrifying mega-sound clubs and discos also await those who love international DJs shows and live concerts from time to time. Among them are Slim, Flux, Route 66, 808, Overtone, etc.

Not too far away from RCA is the well-known legendary Hollywood. This is a retro-looking disco with super-sized neon lights and exterior. The disco always holds DJ shows, live conserts and stage performances. It constantly attracts foreigners for its themed-show and parties as well.

For those who love cultural experience, Siam Niramit is the place to head to. Siam Niramit Theatre can sit 2000 viewers at one time. It is an epic show that involves 150 artist and some 160 technicians. The show depicts the ancient monarchies, daily life, culture, religions and festivals of the nation.

Another heart-catching nightlife is Thai boxing. A visit to Lumpini Boxing Station is a must for visitors. The match is divided into five rounds where the boxers first perform prayer ritual around the four corners. One round takes three minutes. Boxers can punch with fists, kick with knees, legs or elbows. However, biting is strictly prohibited. The exciting atmosphere is a great experience even you do not know the rules. All these attractions is within the vicinity of MRT in the country.

Aside from taking the MRT, you can also take a ride of BTS (Skytrain) to the popular night scenes. This article will focus on some of the best nocturnal attractions along the Sukhumvit line.

Calypso Cabaret is among the renowned shows in Bangkok nightlife. Although it was established 20 years ago, with two shows put on every night, it still plays to a full house. Viewers can see the ladyboys in exquisite costumes, dancing in spectacular choreography, mimicking some A-list stars, e.g. Marilyn Monroe, Tina Turner, Kylie Minoque, etc. on the stage, along with other traditional geisha show and gypsy show. You will also get a chance to meet the stars of the show afterwards.

Bed SupperClub, a restaurant cum nightclub, has a unique cylindrical spacecraft-alike exterior. The entire interior is in white with modern decoration. The seating in the main room is in bed-shaped, along with cushions that let you sit on or lie down, while enjoying or nibbling
your dishes in pleasant background music.

Soi Thonglor and Soi Ekamai are another exciting nightlife zone. The area is so entrancing with diverse of unique discos, pubs and bars to suit your taste, mood and budget here. To name a few, Funky Villa, Xpeience, Soi Cowboy, Q-bar, Escudo Club, etc. It takes off at night where masses of people throng to their favoured spots that play blasting music and sound. Also available are top-rated restaurants that worth visiting, eg. Blue Velvet, Xuan Mai, JJ Kitchen, My Place, etc.

If you always admire Thai design and creativity, you should not miss TCDC (Thailand Creative & Design Centre). Located on the 6th floor of Emporium Shopping Complex in Bangkok, it operates from 10.30 am to 9.00 pm. The centre houses a Resource Centre with around 1,500 books for you to read and browse. Besides, The Shop also offers assorted of products by the local as well as the international whereby it serves as a window to showcase designers’ talents and to inspire the new comers. Meanwhile, the Material Connexion displays the latest innovation in the world of design materials.

If you are a shopaholic, a visit to On Nut Square will definitely fulfill your desire. It allows you to buy street fashion, personal accessories, shoes, etc. the most affordable prices. Dresses and blouses suitable for office lady are easily sold at B350 and above. Visit the place after 6 pm and you can get your money’s worth.

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