Enjoying Phuket Nightlife: Phuket Travel & Nightlife Guide

Thailand is becoming one of the best tourist destinations in all of Asia. One of the most popular attractions in this Southeast Asian country is Phuket. A city by the beach, Phuket welcomes millions of local and international visitors daily. While the beach makes it an awesome destination for some daytime fun, the nightlife in this city is incredible and is selected as one of the best party island with beach bars & clubs. In fact, locals would tell you that to fully enjoy the Phuket experience, you have to experience its brand of nightlife. This travel and nightlife guide of Phuket’s nightlife will show you the places you need to visit.

Must-see places in Patong for some nightlife action

1. Bangla Road – Patong district is the place to be if you want to enjoy the nightlife in Phuket. If you want to experience the Patong nightlife at its finest, the best place to visit is Bangla Road, also known locally as Bangla Soi. Virtually all the best bars, nightclubs, and restaurants in the Patong area are here. You can also enjoy street performances, street food, lounges, and the like while walking around. If you are looking for a more relaxing beach holiday, Hua Hin will gives you a more chill out type of nightlife experience.

Koh Phi Phi - Phi Phi Island2. The Beaches – It is tough to pinpoint the best beach in Phuket because each of them has its unique attractions. If you’re coming over, you must see the beaches. While already a spectacular destination during the daytime, the beaches transform into a nightlife hub at night. You can spend the night on sunset bars, beach clubs and bars, all while getting professional level entertainment.

3. Phuket Town Night Market – Head towards town and you will see the city’s renowned night market. Known by the locals as Naka Market, Phuket Town’s night market is like little else in the world. You can see all kinds of stuff here, from fresh food to local curiosities. It is recommended that you visit the night market as early as late afternoon as the market gets packed during nighttime.

4. Phi Phi Island – This group of islands is a must-visit if you are visiting Phuket according to a Phuket trip review. Aside from its spectacular beaches, the island is fast becoming a go-to place for those who want to enjoy the Phuket nightlife. Now classified as a national park, you can visit the island via Phi Phi Island tours. We recommend that you book early, as such tours can fill up in a hurry, especially during the peak months.

Recommended nighttime activities while in Phuket

1. Simon Cabaret – In a city (and to some degree, a country) that has made its name for transgender performers, Simon Cabaret is a place that is virtually unrivaled. An institution in the city, Simon Cabaret is home to some of the best ladyboy performers the city has to offer. Whether you have a preference for ladyboys or not, Simon Cabaret is a must-see if you want to experience Phuket nightlife at its best.

Go Go Bar Soi Bangla Phuket

2. Go-Go Bars – While this is a common sight in most major cities in Thailand, go-go bars in Phuket are some of the best in the country. There are bars that feature ladies, and there is also flavour that features transsexuals. A lot of these performers are very skilled at what they do and will bring a sensual flavor to your night escapade.

3. Expat bars – If you want a little international flavor, you can visit expat bars located around the city. These are managed by foreigners who migrated to Thailand. These bars feature some elements from the owner’s country of origin mixed with some of Thailand’s charms. These bars are the best places to enjoy some cross-country delights and mingle with both locals and foreigners.

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4. Muay Thai – Thailand’s national sport, Muay Thai is a sporting spectacle you must see live to best appreciate. The Thai kickboxing scene in Phuket is thriving, and some of the best kickboxers in the country make their way here. If you want to see some high-quality fights and see the culture behind this sport, you can check out the Muay Thai arenas located around the city.

5. Live Music Bars – Phuket is becoming one of the places to be to listen to some good live music. Both local and foreign bands perform on a nightly basis in Phuket’s numerous bars and studios. Regardless of what genre you desire, you should be able to find a band that best fits your musical taste.

6. Kor Tor Mor – While there are numerous nightclubs in Phuket, Kor Tor Mor is one of the must-see ones. Music is one of the things that make Kor Tor Mor special; it serves as home to some of the best bands and DJs in the city. You can also meet a lot of locals here. One thing that makes this club unique is it sticks to a formal dress code.

Patong NightlifeWhat to do while enjoying the nightlife in Patong

1. Take it easy on the drinks – While drinking is always part of the game when enjoying the Phuket nightlife, you should be careful not to get yourself too drunk. For example, you should be wary of the so-called “bucket drinks”. These buckets, filled with all kinds of strong alcoholic stuff, can leave you wasted in a hurry! Also, follow Phuket bar rules to avoid getting kicked out, beaten up, or jailed.

2. Be careful when dealing with ladyboys – Chances are, you will be dealing with a lot of gay and transgender men while in Phuket. The golden rule is to treat ladyboys with respect. A lot of these ladyboys are kind, good-natured, and very respectful. Never treat them antagonistically or you can get into a fight real quick. However, be wary of those who try to rip you off or molest you.

3. Stay out of trouble – There are thieves, schemers, and other criminals on the prowl during the nighttime. Your best defense against these people is to use some common sense. Don’t leave your things unattended, protect your wallet and bag while walking, don’t flash your money/belongings around, and stay away from potentially troublesome scenarios. Also, it will be better if you’ll walk around the city in groups.

Thai Wai Gesture as respectLearn how to greet in Thai

Here are some basic tips on how to greet the locals in the Thai language when you’re travelling to Phuket, Thailand. Best prepared in case you don’t know. Thai people are very polite so make sure to be polite to them too. To make it easy, ‘Kah‘ is used by women and ‘Khap‘ is used by men.

Saying Hello / Hi / Welcome in Thai – To greet ‘Hello‘ in Thai, you’ll say ‘Sawadee kah‘ (if you’re a woman) and ‘Sawadee Khap‘ (if you’re a man). You can also use ‘Thai wai‘ (put your palm up together at chin level) as a greeting or say thank you to show respect.

Greeting Thank You in Thai – As to say ‘Thank You‘, you greet Khob Khun Kah / Kap Kun Kah (if you’re a woman) and Khob Khun Khap / Kap Kun Khap (if you’re a man). You can also use alongside with the ‘Thai wai‘ gesture. Now you’ve learned the most basic Thai language. Good job!

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  • Bangla Road Nightlife
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  • The Similan Islands
  • Old Phuket Town

Map of Patong

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