An EXCLUSIVE Interview with Antix / DJ Scott Lott (UK) proudly presents for the first time, Antix / DJ Scott Lott from United Kingdom of AV8 Records, special featuring his video remixing and we are lucky to have the opportunity for a few minutes with Antix for an online session interview. Scott has produced audio and video remixes for artists ranging from Steve Aoki, Zuper Blahq, Fatman Scoop & The Disco Fries, Tyrese Gibson (2 Fast 2 Furious) Lil Jon, The Jump Smokers, Jadyn Maria & Flo Rida. Check out our exclusive online interview now.

1. How did you start your career in video remixing?
The first Antix remix to ever have a video made generated 36,000 views in the first 7 days online, which if you do the maths on, is 3.5 views per minute… I was hooked from that point onwards.

2. Are you more into DJ’n or video remixing?
I love them both equally, but in completely different ways. Think of it like this. You love your Mother, but completely different from the way you love your girlfriend. I can sit in the studio for hours, days even, just piecing videos together and I love making / watching two (or more) videos become one. However, the real magic is in the live performance. That’s when the strength of the material really comes out. The crowd go nuts, fists pump and heads hit the ceiling!… Beautiful

3. What is the software’s you use for your mixing?
For remixing, Acid Pro 7.0. Started with it in 2006, haven’t looked back. For video remixing / production, Vegas Movie Studio HD 9.0, which is basically Acid with a video window, and finally, for live performances, Numark Virtual Vinyl 6.0, something which I’d encourage all DJ’s to buy a copy of, yesterday!

4. Tell us more about your music style
I’m all about the element of surprise. That definitely seems to be what makes my show so interesting to be a part of. Being a remixer / mash-up artist, my shows naturally revolve around remixed and reworked material. Mostly Urban / RnB tracks backed up by some form
of dance music production, such as this – and that’s just one of a hundred.

5. How long it takes for you to do the video remixing?
On average, between 2 and 6 hours, depending on how much work I do on the colours, effects etc. The video I done with Fatman Scoop & Disco Fries for their remix of “I’m In The House” took just under 50 hours and that’s been the longest to-date. If you want to see it, it’s on both my own, or Steve Aoki’s Facebook pages.

6. Do you travel overseas?
As often as possible, yeah!

7. What is your favourite drink?
I do like a nice wine. White or Rosé please… But when I’m performing, it’s nothing but bottled water.

8. Tell us about your latest achievement in your career?
Right now, I’m working on a CD release with The Jump Smokers and Honorebel (shouts) – It’s named after one of their recent singles, “Dance Rock Shake Pop” and we’ll be releasing it as a free download to celebrate the release of their album “Kings Of The Dancefloor” – Keep checking the websites!

9. Tell us more about your future plan
I’ve got a lot of new material about to be released on AV8, including an official remix for Lil Jon, so I’m planning to do a little touring over the next few months and look forward to making a few stops in Malaysia!

10. Is there any website that our readers can find out more about you?
Sure yeah, you can check out my official website at
My artist profile on the new AV8 Records website at
My Capital DJ Agency profile at
and of course, you can connect with me direct on Facebook at

11. What is your last shout-out to our readers here?
I’m coming to party in Malaysia and I want to hear from you!!… Contact me through Facebook and quote “Clubbing9ine” and I’ll personally get back to you

12. Your video remixes posted in our websites are really awesome! My readers likes it a lot. Come on, tell us which one is your favourite video that you’ve done
Without doubt, it’s one of the recent ones I done for my boys the DJs From Mars, “Jay Sean ft. Sean Paul & Lil Jon vs Guns ‘n’ Roses – Do You Remember Sweet Child” – Everything in the video is so complimentary. The colours, the scenery, everything. Haha Slash and Lil Jon even look similar! You can see the video on YouTube @

Interviewed by Ivan C

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