An Interview with DJ Mico

DJ Mico

DJ Mico is one of the participant of Clubbing9 Top DJ Award 2010 who got voted at 3rd place for the Clubbing9 dj award. DJ Mico will be spinning at the Clubbing9 Top DJ Award Party in January 2011 at Fluid KL. Here let’s have a short interview with DJ Mico.

1. You has been voted as one of the Clubbing9 Top DJ Award Winner, tell us how you feel?

Feel happy, proud, thanks & appreciate for those who support DJ Mico. This also a motivation for DJ Mico to go further.

2. How you start involved DJ industry?
When I was young I like to dancing, singing & listen to the music, mostly all my hobbies is link with music, the funny things is at night sleep time once have play music I will easy to fall sleep. In year 2009 I got chance to learn djing in BarCelona Club-Sunway, so I took the initiative to challenge myself & desire to start my djing life.

3. What genre you play?
RnB, HipHop House.

4. What is your hobby?
Listen to music, dancing, singing.

5. What is your favourite artists?
Black Eyed Pea, Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Neyo, Lil Wayne, Florida, Eminem, The cranberrise, Faye Wong and many more…

6. What is your future plan in your career?
Performance great music to public & have a worldwide spinning tour.

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