#AsiaTourExclusive: DJ Nakadia Interview

An interview with Thailand’s very own Nakadia who was on Asia tour in 2015, welcomed Cocoon boss Sven Vath debut event at Cha-Cha Moon Beach Club in Koh Samui recently.

She traveled all year long for gigs worldwide and very well-known to DJs, party-goers & electronic music scenes around the world.

Nakadia is the most successful female DJ in Asia and not afraid to say, Asia’s Number 1 Female DJ.

We Nocturnal felt really grateful to have Nakadia taking her precious time answering our questions, as below.

How did you started as DJ & producer?
In 2002 I was invited to Europe by a friend and went to a techno club for the first time. When I saw a girl playing and rocking the crowd I just knew that this was what I wanted for my life and I took equipment and some vinyl back to Thailand and started practising. It was very hard because I had no inspiration in the area where I lived. No electronic music at all. It took a long time for me to get started. As a producer, it took even longer. I worked on a few tracks with several producer friends during 2004 and 2005, but my real studio work just started around 2010. And still now I don’t feel like a producer – I just learn and try, but I am still a DJ that is working on productions, I would not call myself producer yet.

What are your favourite tunes at the moment?
Some recent favourites are:
1. Hand in The Sand (Original Mix) – Siopis – Get Physical Music
2. Tranquila (Original Mix) – Pete Oak – Steyoyoke Black
3. Traces (Agents Of Time Remix) – WhoMadeWho – Click Records

Tell us more about your recent Asia tour.
Every year I go back home to Thailand during January and February. I always have many great gigs across Thailand but also Singapore, Bali, KL, China and so on… this year – for the first time – every single event was just perfect. Some weeks I play 4 events and every one of them packed and just amazing. Finally, Asia has a scene for quality music. I am so happy about this.

You’ll be welcoming Sven Vath to Koh Samui, tell us more about it!
I have been friends with Sven for a few years now and we tried to make this happen for some time. Always something came in between, so finally – February 7, 2015, Sven came to Samui and we made history. This event was so unbelievable. Even Sven was surprised. Thousands of people from all over the world wanted to join the event and many did not fit in anymore. It was sold out a few days before and then the big run on the tickets started. The atmosphere was unique – such a positive vibe and such amazing music, right on the beach. I think this night was something very special and now Sven wants to do it again and for sure we will repeat it.

Let’s watch this amazing “Nakadia welcomes Sven Väth” aftermovie below to find out.

Where is your favorite hangout place most of the time?
My life is extremely busy at the moment. During my Asia tour I fly nearly every day and when I am back in Berlin I have most weekdays off, but I use these days for studio work. So actually I hang out most of the time in the studio when I not travel. There is hardly any time to relax at this point in my life. I have so many goals and if I want to reach them I have to work hard.

Tell us about your upcoming music release
On February 16 my first EP on Get Physical will be released. I did this EP together with legendary George Morel and we got a great rmx from Tussilo. I am very much looking forward to this release. It’s different from my other releases, so I can’t wait how the reactions will be. One month later will be my EP with Juliet Sikora on her super successful label Kittball – this is really one to watch out for – the A-Side is a bomb!

The best place you’ve ever travelled to?
Reunion Island! I was invited to play there for the first time 3 years ago and I return every year now. Reunion is a small volcano island between Madagascar and Mauritius and nature is just so beautiful.

What is your favourite color?
Is black a color? Even I am a very colorful person I really like black. It’s the color of the night and It’s so cool 😉

What is your best experience you’ve ever gone through in your life.
It was summer 2013 on Ibiza on a Saturday afternoon. My friends tried to get me in for free at ANTS (Ushuaia Ibiza) – they waited for a manager to pass the backstage door to ask for tickets. When a manager passed he introduced me and said “This is my friend Nakadia, she played at Sankeys last night, is it okay for he to get in” – The manager looked at me and said “It is YOU! Did You play Sankeys last night? Come with me!” he took my hand and ran off with me. Nobody knew what was going on. He took me to the stage where Yann (founder of ANTS and Ushuaia) was standing. He said “Yann, this is the girl that played Sankeys last night” – and again the same thing happened… Yann too my hand and ran off with me to the office… “I heard you rocked Sankeys last night and you play great music. We want you to be a part of ANTS” that was what he said to me. I will never forget this moment. One year later I was headlining ANTS at peak time and now I am part of the best party of Ibiza. Life is beautiful.

Where do you see yourself in future?
I can see many great events and lots of flights coming up. I still have many dreams: Playing Time Warp, DC-10, Cocoon… lot’s of things to achieve over the next years. But at the moment I enjoy every day on my way from one goal to the next.

Before we end this interview, lets shout out to your fans out there & to our readers too.
To all of you who made it to this part of the story… thank you so much for taking your time to find out more about me. I hope to see you on a dancefloor near you at some time. If you see a crazy girl in the DJ both some day… it may be me 😉

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