Dani L Mebius Exclusive Interview + Video Shoutout

Dani L Mebius have a shoutout for all our readers and fans attending Rising Music Festival this Febuary 16, 2013. Let’s hear out Dani L. Mebius talks about Rising Music Festival, Beautiful Malaysia and Twitter Bird with Clubbing9ine.

1) Hello Daniel. Are you currently in your studio?
No, haha right now I am in Austria. I’m headlining a big snowevent!

2) Let’s start with an easy question. Who is Dani L. Mebius?
Dani L. Mebius is a DJ/Producer from the Netherlands originally from the South of Korea

3) What part of a DJ’s life has changed the most since you have started to spin?
Since my productions has played by big names like: David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia and Laidback Luke it really changed my DJ Life. It confirmed that people really liked my sound. From that on it went really fast, I got releases on big labels like: Spinnin Records and Mixmash. Now I am on my way to conquer the world!

4) We see the growth of EDM industry from time to time. Where do you see the dance scene headed in the next ten years?
Within ten years there are completely no boundaries or what so ever in the dance scene. No genres within the scene just one global EDM scene. The growth in EDM in the past years is huge and I’ll know for sure this growth will continue in the next years.

5) What do you know about Malaysia?
Because my roots are Asian every time I’m in Asia it feels a bit like coming home 🙂 It’s the first time though that I’ll visit Malaysia so I’m really excited and curious! I’ll hope I have some time to discover the beauty of Malaysia.

6) Any new track(s) coming out from Dani L. Mebius soon?
Yes, there is much to come….. The first release will be ‘Rockin’ it is a collab with my collegue and friend DJ Punish. Already big support from names like: Martin Solveigh, Thomas Gold, Sidney Samson etc. Also I’m working on a follow-up with Yves V because of the huge success of our collab ‘Chained’ When I’m home I’ll finish my two solo projects for Miami… Oh yeah also expect a collab with DJ JOOP! He is also headlining Rising Festival!

7) Who are your biggest musical influences in the dance music scene?
Really my influences are from everywhere! Not really the EDM scene in specific. I listen from Urban, Hip hop to Michael Jackson and I think I combine all these influences in a Dani L. Mebius sound!

8) If you had to, what would you rather eat? A twitter bird or WWF panda?
Twitter Bird…. I always thought this little blue bird looks really tasty 🙂

9) A short message for your fans in Malaysia.
Be ready! Because I will! Expect a big set with a lot of new material. See you there!

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