DJ Interview with Kim Fai

On the books at Toolroom and Size Records, remixer to some of the greatest names in global music, and a world renowned DJ – Kim Fai is one of the leading names to emerge from Britian’s flourishing Dance music scene. Selected as one of a pack of mega DJs to kick-start the Ibiza 2012 summer at super club Amnesia – Kim has developed a robust reputation as a main room specialist. His razor sharp production exploits and vast line-up of superstar supporters ensure that Kim’s latest tracks get the party started at countless top Dance music events.

On Saturday 30th June, Kim Fai returns to Bitch for an extra special edition of one of the country’s most notorious club nights. We caught up with him in the run up to the big night.

Hi Kim, how are you and how’s life on DJ world for you at the moment?
I’m great thanks – non-stop as always.

You’re returning to Bitch after the enormous Easter event at Digital, Newcastle. How have you been and what adventures have you embarked on since?
The Easter show was great. Since then I’ve had my head down in the studio a lot working on remix and new original tracks. Gig-wise I’ve been touring in the UK / Europe and Asia (I’m actually writing this in Bali Airport waiting for the 1st of 3 flights to go home). I also had the pleasure of playing the opening of Amnesia in Ibiza with Sander Kleinenberg – which was fun.

It’s starting to warm up into summertime now, have you got any summer bombs readied from the Kim Fai HQ ready to unleash at Bitch?
Oh yes! My big summer track called ‘In The Night’ is out on 25th June on Toolroom Records (Plug!). It’s the 1st of 2 original tracks I’ve done with a great vocalist called Paul Aiden. The buzz about it has been great. I’ll also be dropping a host of other tracks that are coming out over the next few months.

What are your tips for this summer’s standout tracks?
TBH I’ve spent that much time in the studio over the last month or so, I’ve kind of neglected researching the summer hits. Hopefully ‘In The Night’ will be one of them!

Where will your diary be taking you over the summer?
I’ll be back in the US/Canada/Asia/Europe and of course the UK.

If you was to setup the perfect studio (unlimited budget) with inspirational surroundings being the objective, where would it be and describe a few of its features to us?
I’m a fan of the countryside so it would have to have a great country view from the studio chair. Ridiculously expensive acoustics and some retro out-board gear. The best coffee machine I could get my hands on and a sushi conveyor belt within reach of the desk. Yep… That sounds just about perfect!

Who would you have round to work with?
Funkagenda – He always has the answer to any problems that trouble me in the studio.

Who would you ban from ever stepping foot in it?
If there were sushi in there then I would have to ban the Mrs – otherwise I’d starve!

What’s your favourite website?
Twitter. It’s the first thing I check when I wake up and the last before I sleep.

Congratulations on hitting 8,500 tweets, what is it about Twitter that sucks in DJs?
many DJ’s really respond to fan tweets, which I understand as some have 250k+ followers. But I try and response and interact with them all. It’s also great (like now) when you’re waiting around in airports or sitting in hotels. You feel like you have company with you all the time.

Who’s your favourite DJ that you follow on Twitter?
Not JUST because he’s a friends but probably Funkagenda. We were brought up in the same area and have a similar sense of humour. His tweets are hilarious. John Dahlback is pretty funny too.

If you had to go two weeks without either your phone or your laptop, which would it be?
Easy. Phone. I could manage not playing with Apps for 2 weeks. But I can’t go a day without opening Logic and working on music.

Finally a message to the Bitch crowd who are all hyped up to see you on at Venus on Saturday 30th June –
I just hope they’re looking forward to it as much as I am! It’s going to be a great night.

You can catch Kim Fai alongside Felix Leiter at Bitch in Manchester on June 30th!

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