DJ Interview With Kryder (UK)

There have been reports of a mysterious man behind a visor, possibly from the future, taking control of some of the world’s greatest dance floors and turning them into a sci-fi inspired circus complete with a dwarf ringleader with the face of a skeleton (Dokta Kaotika). It sounds outlandish, but it’s real. DJ Kryder has effectively ripped up the rulebook into a thousand pieces and shot it into space with a ray gun. The incredibly forward thinking and technical productions Kryder has presented to the world have caught the attention of some of the biggest DJs on planet earth including Tiesto, The Swedish House Mafia, Judge Jules, Pete Tong, Calvin Harris, Laidback Luke, Avicii, Zane Lowe, Eric Morillo, Hardwell and Groove Armada. Kryder’s biggest hit so far must be his guest appearance at Privilege, Ibiza, where he took control of the 10,000 capacity super-club and transformed it into his trademark showcase.

We join Kryder in the (possible) future to talk about how Dance music today compares to the future where he may or may not be visiting us from.

Thanks for talking to us Kryder! Firstly, is it true that you’re actually from the future?

Indeed, do you want next week’s lottery numbers?

If yes, how was Fire It Up presents Toolroom Knights at Sankeys on Friday 1st June?
Absolutely insane, Eddie Halliwell stripped & crowd surfed whilst I was dropping my new tune ‘Scorpio’, which I believe he’s signing to his new label ‘Fire it Up Records’.

Where’s Dokta Kaotika this week, is keeping out of trouble?
Out of trouble, are you joking? He’s currently filming ‘Snow White does the Seven Dwarfs’.

Where’s the best club on earth?
I’ll tell you when I’ve played them all without the cleaver tricks, right arrangement and mix down – your track is just poor – average at best! I learn something new every week and try to move my own sound and production forward.

What are your views on digital piracy? Should teenagers pirating software they could never afford be punished for chasing their dreams the only way they know how?

Yes, too right! I worked my arse off on a London market stall to make the money to buy records, so why shouldn’t they! I was doing more than two jobs when I was younger to feed my music habit, so they should get off their arse and work to make their dream happen!

What’s the weirdest thing you have ever seen in your life?
‘Snow White does the seven dwarfs’ comes pretty close!

What technological advancement would most benefit you as a music producer?
A program that mixes down for you while you can concentrate on creating! Sometimes when I’ve finished a track I’m sick of it because I’ve heard it 1000 times – this wouldn’t be a issue if there was a ‘mixbot’ doing it for you!

Can we have a production tip for aspiring producers trying to improve their sound?
Less is more! People said it to me for a while but I never listened. I live by that now in all my productions. You get a much bigger sound out of your work if you’re not cramming all your ideas into the mix. Make some space!

Who in electronic music do you think makes the most inspiring music, from aproduction perspective?
The Prodigy, their use of samples is an amazing talent and is very inspiring to me. Their productions are unique and really clever, even their old tracks still sound fresh!

What is your DAW of choice and why?
For me it’s Ableton, it lets me get my ideas down really quick and is very easy to automate, perfect for hotel rooms and train journeys!

What about not on earth?
‘Mingfellows’ on planet KryderTron, girls are cheap, drinks are free and thedance music’s banging.

You (as many DJs) could be considered to be very pro-technology in music. Why is it that people still love vinyl so much? Will that sound ever be perfectly reproduced, or bettered?
Ask my attic about vinyl, there’s ten thousand 12 inches up there that need dusting. I will always have a nostalgia for vinyl, as it’s what I learnt to DJ with, plus I miss the whole social aspect of vinyl shopping, spending all your Saturdays in the record shops talking with other DJs, searching for those exclusive white labels, but I don’t miss having to carry a bag that weighs a tonne with vinyl in it. You can’t beat carrying around a tiny stick in your pocket to a gig!

I do believe dance music is sounding so much louder and super-clean now, maybe that’s because of the production but I’m sure being digital contributes to that!

Tell us a bit about the Kryder approach to a massive kick drum. Is it all about getting the sample right from square one or layering several to get a fuller kick?
The kick drum for me is the most important element in dance music. My music and chords just compliment it! I do layer up my kicks to get the right one, recently I’ve been using 808 samples under my main kick on some of my drops instead of an actual bassline – it sounds FAT!

What are your views on digital music releases? Do you think there should be more quality control at labels and online music stores, or should anyone be allowed to release music?
Freedom to release! I’m certainly not the best producer, but someone gave me a chance! From my experience, A&R guys at the labels are quite strict about what they take on.

Is it too easy to make electronic music in 2012? Do you think that the preset loaded plug-in that anyone can use hurts the mystery of how Dance music is made?

Great question! I get sent so many demos every week and for me it’s about the sound choice and mix down. Anyone can have a great idea, riff or chords, but What are your top three synths/plug-ins?
Sylenth is great for big room sounds. Massive is perfect for basslines. Slate Digital is cool for making my tracks loud enough so I can road test them in the clubs before I tweak and send to mastering!

Santa said you can have any one music production toy as an early Christmas present for being good, what do you want?
An Access Virus TI2 as I’ve just regrettably got rid of my TI Polar!

One thing a music producer should never do…
Recreate someone else’s record and release it before the original artist does! I’ve seen that happen on iTunes a few times and I think that’s a disgusting cheap joke!

One thing you want to do before you die…
Find the fountain of youth!

What could be around the corner for Dance music? What would you like to see happen in the next 5 years?
Don’t forget I’m from the future, so I know what’s going to happen in the next 5 years, so without spoiling it too much for you I will just say just as dance music boomed in America, it will continue until it’s the forefront music genre in every country, giving plenty of opportunities for upcoming DJs and producers to be recognised the world over, shit is that saying too much?

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