DJ Jounce Interview (Asia Tour Exclusive)

Hailing all the way from USA, we got in contact with DJ Jounce for an interview this week in conjunction with his upcoming Asia tour 2014. Let’s find out more what he has to say.

1. Hi DJ Jounce, first of all, tell us more about yourself.
Hi Clubbing9ine! I’m an electronic dance music producer and DJ based in Los Angeles. Music is my passion and I feel so blessed to be able to spend my life sharing it with others. I just released my latest track, a club remix of Follow Dreams which you can find under “Jounce” on (click here). I do occasionally sing in the shower and I have a slight phobia of heights.

2. Where is your upcoming DJ performance in Malaysia?
I’ll be at Mixx Club in Malacca on Saturday, March 8th. My phone should work so hit me up at 00-1-310-663-5499 if you’re there. This will be my 1st time in Malaysia and I love meeting new people! My Asia tour will also take me to Seoul, Hong Kong, Macau, Tokyo, Bali and Hanoi starting the end of February through March.

3. What are your plans for 2014?
After I get back from my Asia tour, I’m headed straight to Miami for some shows during the Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival. Then I’m going to finish up some more tracks including a couple major collaborations that we’ll announce this spring. We’re finishing up a music video for my track Get Your Feet Up. It’s got some badass dancers and I think they did a great job with the upbeat electro song. In August, I’ll be back in Ibiza, and I will finish my new EP, Proof of Bullets this year as well. All my gigs and news are posted on so please follow me there for the latest.

4. What goes through your mind for your return to Asia in 2014?
Don’t miss flights and definitely don’t get arrested or deported. I’m completely stoked for the tour. I can’t wait to visit new countries, experience different cultures and play new venues. I’ve kept in touch with some really cool people since my last trip so I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and places. I also know it’s a lot of airports and taxis so all the traveling crap is in the back of my mind, but I’ll just sleep… after I make each flight!

5. Who are your DJ heroes?
I think Swedish House Mafia’s productions were solid. Tiesto’s been around forever and I respect the fact he’s adapted to remain relevant while continuing to support newcomers. I like Hardwell’s sets with his blend of mash-ups, remixes, and acapellas that make for a unique performance. But I gotta say, it’s my local DJ friends that give me the most inspiration as my heroes, because I know firsthand how hard some of them work and continue to push to get bigger.

6. What is the best/worst part of being a deejay?
It’s empowering to be the conductor for an entire symphony of instruments and dictate what and how every sound comes out of the speakers, all with the subtle movement of a fader or knob. In some ways, EDM producers can have great artistic freedom from the studio to the dance floor. I do miss playing live instruments and being part of a creative team in a band. But I have a hell of a lot less equipment to carry on tour, so I’m not complaining.

7. How would you define your “style” during a stage performance?
Free flowing and high energy, baby! There’s no set game plan so I just go with the music, the crowd and how each is playing off each other. I really don’t have any gimmicks since I try not to distract from the music. Call me a stubborn purist, but I really want the music to speak for itself. The sounds shaking everyone’s bodies should be the focal point. Gimme that bass! Also I want to get to a point of having my synchronized 3-D videos on screen so the audience gets a complete audial-visual experience. That’s the room trip.

8. What is your ultimate goal in life?
To make respectable music that represents my vision as an artist. I want people to look back and say, “That dude wrote some of the best shit ever.” For me, music is the end goal, and not a means to attain wealth or fame. If I had to choose between a billion dollars but no music OR just a comfortable life but with music, I would take the later all day, every day until I die.

9. Where the best clubbing location you have ever been to?
Ibiza. If I need to explain why, then you need to visit.

10. Before we end this interview, let’s give our readers a shout out.
Thank you everyone for tuning in right here at! All my info’s at you can follow me on my social media.


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