DJ R-Wan Interview – Asia Promo Exclusive

Here we have an exclusive interview with DJ R-Wan, an EDM DJ from Paris who was voted Best Open Format DJ in 2013 on DJ R-Wan has become an iconic figure through his years of djing and popular remixes. Lets find out some music updates and digging a little info more about R-Wan in the interview below.

1. A famous multi-talented producer/DJ. Introduce yourself to us?
I’m DJ R-Wan originally from Paris, France but every weekend I’m on the road all around the world, I released my album on 2010 then I hit gold and I won an award in Barbados about this album. After that I released different club remixes for Rihanna, Usher, and Chris Brown. This year I was awarded the Diamond DJ 2014 in France and 3 weeks ago I released my original track with Puff Daddy.

2 .How do u keep a remarkable profile among all the competitive producers/DJ?
For me I feel there’s no competition I just follow my way and be original not a copy from this DJ or this DJ. The best things I have is my show it is full of energy and drives the crowd crazy that’s why I’m on the road all year on different continents.

3. What do you consider as your biggest brake in music industry?
My biggest break is from Hip-Hop, RNB then EDM DJ this thing was really hard but now I feel really better on this style.

4. Can you share the inspiration in the making of your successful album “My Club”?
At this time I was between 2 chairs, it was the time when I was on RNB, Hip-Hop style and I did EDM style, it was hard to find the right artist for each track and we promote each track for a special country.

Like USA was really good for RNB and Caribbean more for my track with Elephant Man and Europe more for my track celebration with Lumidee.

5. You have done a great job in your original remixes with well-known music icons. Who would you like to produce for your next remix?
Yes it’s right but I’m working for a new Rihanna Remix, it’s going to be ready in 2 months just after the official release, I just get the vocal from her label. I think after Rihanna I don’t know who can be better than her 🙂

6. Among all the successful DJ/Producers, who inspired or challenged you the most?
I have a lot of inspiration from different DJs like Calvin Harris, Alesso, Chuckie.

7. DJ R-Wan- The No Limit DJ! What can you say when folks say this?
I’m proud because that means I’m everywhere, because people saw me work like a crazy guy I’m a business man, producer, and DJ. I travel a lot and they wonder how I can do all those things. I say that everything is about what you want to be if you believe in something for sure you can have it just work for it.

8. As a limitless DJ. How do you catch up with your personal life?
For the moment I put my personal life on the side it’s my choice but I hope in 5 years I can get more time for my personal life.

9. How did you come up with the brilliant style of “Electro Groove”?
Electro Groove was a concept I started to go on this way when I was an Open Format DJ, because I can’t go straight from RNB to EDM style that’s why I passed by Open Format and my concept name was “Electro Groove”.

10. Your fans have poured so much love in your creation of Electro Groove. What’s next to astonish the audience with this sole style?
Yes it was a nice idea, now I’m going to try to create a Commercial EDM style, I work on my EP called PLAY DIRTY and it’s on this style.

11. How fast does it take you to produce your remix? Which is the fastest remix you have done?
Normally 2 weeks and I’ll try it on the club to check how the crowd feels, the fastest was Euphoria from Usher it was 1 week because I had nothing to do only focus on it lol.

12. How do you maintain a dynamic interested crowd when you perform?
I prepare all my set and I update it every week, I keep myself aware to all new tracks and remixes to surprise my crowd.

13. How’s your gig in Asia? How do you feel performing in Asian countries?
Gigs in Asia is crazy I’m a resident every 2 months on Seduction club in Phuket it’s one of the best club ever I did. People come from all different countries and its going crazy every gig. I feel really good in Asian countries I really want to be famous on this continent that’s why I work really hard for it because they have a big potential and people are enthusiastic about EDM music. For me the biggest party is going to be here soon not in USA or Europe.

14. When are we going to expect the release of the next exciting album?
I’m going to release an EP before September with 6 tracks on it. The EP called PLAY DIRTY it’s an EDM commercial EP’s.

15. How do you manage your time producing and traveling a lot for your gigs while keeping the show on the highlight?
I do everything by the feeling, I work a lot on the plane, I make beats at the hotel too, and sometimes I fly business class just to sleep well after a long week of work lol.

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