EXCLUSIVE DJ Interview : Eddie Halliwell

Eddie Halliwell Speedzone Tour 2011 DJ Interview

In conjunction with the Formula One Grand Prix 2011, Speedzone Tour 2011 is headlining Eddie Halliwell at the massive event on 9th April 2011 at Sepang Go-Kart Circuit. Clubbing9ine.com took this golden opportunity to interview the dj superstar Eddie Halliwell, who headlines Speedzone Tour 2011 after six years away! Let’s check out what Eddie has to say to the electronic dance music lovers and our readers below.

How did you got yourself into DJ-ing?
I got in to DJing at a very early age due to my older brothers love of dance music. I was hearing it all the time at home and really got in to it, so started teaching myself to mix at the age of 15. I then got my first big break – a residency at Gatecrasher.

Which DJ that inspired you most?
I have always really admired Carl Cox, Q-Bert and Scratch Perverts. They all inspired me to be creative and different with my sets.

What is your current favorite track?
Michael Woods, No Access is still doing the business on the dancefloor.

Your favorite download sites of all time, Beatport etc?
Beatport for music definitely

Great! This 9th April 2011 you’ve return and will be performing at the massive event Speedzone Tour, tell us how you feel?
I can’t wait. I really enjoyed playing the event previously and it’s just that much more exciting with the Formula One going on.

What is your best achievement in all these years?
Probably performing to 1.5 million people on a beach in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil on New Years Eve, and my worldwide radio show now going out to 10 million listeners!

Where can our readers listen to your mixes?
Check out my radio page www.eddiehalliwell.com – you can listen again to all my radio shows and there is a monthly free mix on my Facebook page – www.facebook.com/eddiehalliwell

Alright, now tell us more about your Fire It Up Radio show
Fire It Up Radio is a worldwide syndicated radio show, that goes out to 10 million people. I play across the board on the show, as I do in my sets, anything from house, electro, techno and trance.

What is your last shout-out to our readers?

Interviewed by Clubbing9ine.com – Ivan C

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