EXCLUSIVE : DJ Interview With Tamara Sky


This week we brings you an EXCLUSIVE DJ interview with Tamara Sky (Puerto Rico/USA). Tamara will be performing in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday, 25th November 2010, and here, Clubbing9ine.com let you get a little upclose with her. Tamara is one of the most demanded and successful female dj in the US and Latin America since years. Check out the the interview below and see what she got to say.

1. Which artist/DJs that you inspired most?
Im inspired by influential, unique and creative people.

2. What style of music you play?
My taste in music is diverse and mix different types of music.  My sets have a lot of energy.  I really enjoy playing Indie/Nu Wave and anything with a lot of bass and wobble.

3. What is your favourite track that you played in the club right now?
Knas by Steve Angello

4. How does it feel when you party with celebrities?
I never thought about it until this question.  Personally I don’t think theres anything special about hanging out with celebrities.

5. Do you like ice cream? and what flavor?
Im not an Ice Cream fan.  I prefer spicy, very spicy.

6. When you travel around the world, how does the sound or style change?

It changes in many ways.  But there are always those old and new hits that people recognize around the world.  I always like to bring new music I believe will become bangers eventually.  Its nice when someone comes up looking amazed and asks “What was the name of that song?!” If a Dj doesn’t do that then your just a jukebox.

7. What is you first response when you were voted as Miami’s best DJ in 2010?

I was surprised and extremely happy.  I called my Mom and my Dad as soon as I found out! They were very proud.  That was the best part.

8. Do you have any websites for our readers to check out more about yourself, mixes etc?

9. What are your best moments and what do you want to achieve in the future?
Getting out of Puerto Rico and doing things on my own in a relatively foreign country is my best moment.  That was the pivotal moment for all of the things that I have achieved since then.   I don’t know what the future holds for me, I’ve always had dreams and goals, but I rather not talk about them because you’ll never know how things will turn out.  At this moment I’m working on my own music productions.

Interviewed by Ivan C

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