Exclusive : DJ Newklear Interview

After featured Newklear on Clubbing9 Radio, here we have an exclusive dj interview with the DJ from Iceland and one of the LivingElectro.com DJ. It is time to get up-close and personal with Newklear talking about his production, radioshows and many more on Clubbing9ine.com. Let’s hear out what he has to say.

1. Hi Newklear, first of all, we would like to get up-close with you, tell us how did you get started as a DJ/producer.
Well, i started messing with music when i was about 14-15 years old using simple programs like Dance Ejay and other loop programs, i when i came home from school i always sat down in front of the computer and played around with those programs. Then through out the years i started working with other programs like FL Studio, Abelton and Mixcraft. I just knew then this was something that i really wanted to do one day. Then a few years ago, in the late 2009 i was confident enough to start sharing my mixes with the world. So i contacted a friend of mine which was a club owner back then and he gave me a shot on the decks, that one break was enough for me to start getting my name around locally.

I played a few of my own mixes along with alot of house/electro remixes of popular tracks with great success on the dancefloor. Seeing how the crowd reacted to some tracks and hear them singing along with them gave me even more boost to do more. From there i started working hard on getting myself noticed around the world. I started submitting some of my tracks to livingelectro and they all got on the front page which got me recognized all around the world. Djs from different country’s and clubs playing my mixes helped out alot. So basicly that’s how everything started,

2. What is your current favorite track(s)?
That’s a kinda hard question haha, there are so many good tracks out there and even more that haven’t been made yet! That’s for sure. We have so many great producers in the world. But if i would have to choose i would say my favorite tracks today are: TyDi feat. Toni Nielson & Maison & Dragen – Walk On Water (Original Mix) & Jakob Liedholm vs.Tegan, Sara – Ocean (Mashup Mix) & Cazzette Vs Rihanna – Where Have You Been (Cazzette Another Summery Hot Remix). These tracks have such a massive drop that i get goosebumps each time and i really enjoy playing them on my sets, these tracks give me a good boost when playing a set.

3. We heard that you released your first original track, tell us more about it!
Yes, that’s correct. “Newklear – Waiting (Original Mix” I released it almost a year ago for a free download, simply because as the way i see it is that “free” music gives you much more fans and followers. That track was produced in FL Studio. Maybe not the best track in the world, but still a start to something bigger in the future.

4. What do you like to do during your free time?
Actually i spend alot of time making music or mixing. Music has the way of calming me down. The feeling when i’m making something unique is like i’m free to do what i want, no one telling me what to do or how to do it. But i’m also very much into cars. I work on a car repairs for a daily job and i also like to work on my own cars when i have a free time. I also try to spend alot of time with my son, my friends and my family. Cause without them i wouldn’t be the man i am today so my family and friends are very important to me.

5. Tell us a little more about your Contaminated Selection radio show.
Well the Contaminated Selection actually just started out as podcasts, where i made a hour long mix and uploaded it to my soundcloud for people to hear what kindof tunes i like and to enjoy them with me. Through the years ive been getting more experience and how to improve my mixes and myself. After a few podcasts i was asked to host a guestshow on BounFM radio so i decided to go for it, and it went much better than i expected. I gained many new fans and followers which was great, when people are enjoying your stuff so much you just know that you are doing something right and it even drives you forward to make more and always trying to do better. After BounFM radio show i continued making podcasts and people were beginning to download them alot, using them for partys, cds, ipods and it even got popular to listen to when people were working out in the gym. Then later BounFM asked me to host another guestshow later that same year and i decided to do it again and got even more listenings. Since then i have been trying to make my podcasts better and bigger. Then i got invited to host my own “Contaminated Selection” radio show on EDM City Radio, and my first show launches 26th April and i will be hosting my show once a month there with all the biggest beats and dirty drops. I’m very excited about it. My manager sent me a message one day saying i had landed my own show on that station. He actually helped out alot in getting that deal. I owe him to much, he’s a great guy and a good friend. I really hope this will be a start to something even greater.

6. What equipment you’re currently using for your tracks?
Today i’m using, FL Studio, Mixed In Key and Audacity

7. What do you have lined up for the rest of the year?
Well i have some original tracks coming up soon and some collabs as well with Club Banditz, Novabroken and Benjamin Franklin along with a few others. But mainly i’m just gonna keep on working hard and i’m hoping we’ll be starting a tour soon. I’m very excited to start traveling and play music in front of people and fans all over the world. I always try to keep my goal very high, that keeps me busy and working hard to achieve all the goals i have lined up. I’ll be working hard on my radio show and hopefully it will reach good listenings across the world.

8. Where can our readers find out more about you and listen to your music?
People can find me on my Facebook page “DJ Newklear” for more information and to keep up with everything that’s going on each day. They can also find me on Twitter and Soundcloud for my music, most of my music is up for free download on my Soundcloud. Also i’m very much open for suggestions and i love getting fan mail, i try my best to reply to each messages or email that i get, if people are patient i will reply to them eventually.

9. Before we end this interview with you, DJ Newklear… what is your shoutout to your fans out there?
First of all i would just like to take this opportunity to thank all my fans for all the great support they have been giving me, it’s very clear that without them i wouldn’t be where i am today. That’s a fact. Also i would like to say to them and all those who will read this, never give up your dreams! You are all unique and you can do anything and achieve anything if you just work hard at it, even if it’s hard, but getting closer to your goal will make you feel amazing and that it was all worth it. Much love out to my fans and thank you for this great interview, i wish you all the best. Newklear out.

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