Interview with DJ Danger

DJ Danger Interview

DJ Danger a.k.a Franck Rivoire will be performing at Bedroom KL this coming June 23, 2012. have a short chat with French electro DJ Danger, a mysterious man who wears a mask and a morph suit. Check out the dj interview after the jump.

1. So how did it all begin?
a Myspace music page created in 2007

2. Where did your stage name Danger come from?
I can’t remember, my friends have been calling me like this for a long time, cause it was my IRC name.

3. Tell us more about your unique visual mixing
We built a virtual machine with many components. I’m using this machine in real time, and it’s projected in HD on a 16/9 screen. It looks like : click here

4. Who is your favorite DJs?
I’m not good with DJs, not being one myself. I really like Lorn

5. What is your current favourite track(s)?
I’m currently listening to Lorn – Ghost

6. Are there any other DJ’s out there you planning to collaborate with?
You’ll find out with my next release

7. What you do during your free time?
Just like everyone else, reading, watching movies, spending time on internet, sleeping, buying stuff, eating, video gaming, uploading, downloading, streaming

8. Where can our readers get more updates on events & music from you?

9. What is your last shoutout to readers?
Thank you for your support, what did you think about Prometheus?

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