Exclusive Interview : DJ Lisa Kensington

Exclusive Interview with DJ Lisa Kensington

Tell us how you got into DJing? I thinking back I was always a dj in my head. I had a revelation in St.Barth’s when the idea of turning music into a career came to me as a blessing! I returned to NYC invested in turntables and practiced night and day.

What genre of music do you spin in the clubs?
I play house music, a little progressive, sexy vocals, ethnic beats..

Which DJ that inspired you the most?
Sarah Main.. She is someone I can relate to, learn from and aspire toward. Plus she is just a cool ass chick!

Ever plan for a gig in Malaysia in the future?
I had a booking in KL that fell through, I was so bummed! Its definitely on my list of place to go and play!

Where is the place of the last gig you played?
WMC..until the sun came up all unofficial all for my friends, those are the best!

Are you still single?
My heart belongs Romeo (my Lhasa Apsos) it was love at first sight.. But to answer the question, i am not married!

What have you been listening to lately?
All of the new music i collected over the Winter Music Conference in Miami

When’s the best moment for you in life..?
The ones that make me take a step back and say wow..they make you realize what life is meant to be about.

Ok now, tell me more about your future plan in DJing?
I am taking steps in production to get all the songs that are in my head on the decks of other dj’s and in your ipod. We have the vocals now its time to master the beats.

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