Exclusive Interview with DJ Miss Lisa

dj miss lisa

Few djs possess the tools and talent to reach dance music stardom. With her innovative mixing style, production skills, and an easily recognizable look and sound, Dj Miss Lisa has come to embody the epitome of global culture.

C9 : How did you get involved in the dj industry, and how were you discovered?
I used to be a gogo dancer, and I learned how to dj back in the late 90’s and was discovered while doing an opening set in Las Vegas

C9 : What genre of music do you spin?
I play everything from hip hop, 80’s to electro and progressive house

C9 : Which DJ is your all time favourite DJ?
It changes all the time. Right now, it’s Donald Glaude & Sharam

C9 : Have you been to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia before?
No, this is my first time!

C9 : What are your thoughts about the F1 Party event? How did you get involved?
I’m excited for it! My friend, Dj Diamond has played there before and told me it was really fun!

C9 : After the event, will you spend your extra time shopping at Kuala Lumpur?
I hope so!

C9 : What would you consider yourself as a dj or producer at heart?

Interviewed by Ivan Cheam

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