Exclusive Interview with Simon Patterson

Interview with Simon Patterson

Simon Patterson the DJ…. is one of the hottest properties in dance music right now. His creative offerings as a producer have captured audiences, bringing them willing with him along his musical adventure. From techy moods to edgey riffs, spin tingling melodies to driving basslines, Simon’s studio offspring’s of the past 12 months have raised his profile to see him become a much in-demand dj, producer and remixer.

How do you get your career started?
Just by persistently knocking on doors and not taking no for an answer. This is the only way! I’ve wanted to do this for such a long time and as such i work very hard and improving my skills both in the studio and in the clubs. But it doesn’t stop there, you have to live this life and put a lot of energy into it to keep a steady ship. I’m in a good place with my music and productions at the moment, which is such a great feeling.

What’s genre do you spin?
Trance and tech trance.

It is better to know you, as a DJ or producer at heart?
DJ. I love the feeling of playing to a crowd, whether that be a big festival or a small intimate club.

What do you see in your latest track ‘Smack’?
A nice all rounder with a good melody and bit of everything really. The reaction so far has been really great and it’s such a good feeling to see the dancefloors have roadtested it on have all responding with such passion.

Where can our readers get to listen to the new track?
It should be on my myspace page but currently my music player isn’t up as i am redoing my page design, and i am away in Australia at the moment. When i get back it will go up, so check back shortly 😉

What do you enjoy most about your career or anything that inspired you?
I love the travelling to new places. Especially with djs that i know and i am mates with. It’s great to see new cultures and experience new clubs/crowds, i find this really helps me expand my musical range when in the studio. The world is rich of sounds and i like to absorb as much as i can and make use of this.

Do you have a website your official website where our readers can get to know you better?
www.simon-patterson.com however, www.myspace.com/simonpatterson is the best one because i’m often online and can chat with people through myspace.

Thank you so much for having this interview with us, is there anything you would like to shout out?
Keep an eye out for my next single which is a collaboration with my good friend Sean Tyas..see you on the dancefloor soon

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