H-Artistry KL 2014 Artist Interview: CREAM (Japan)

H-Artistry 2014 artist interview with JPop/Hip Hop/EDM duo CREAM who recently performed at H-Artistry in MIECC Kuala Lumpur. We took the golden opportunity and interviewed the duo from Japan.

1. What is your feeling of being a part in the epic finale of H-Artistry 2014 in Malaysia?
Amazing. H-Artistry is a great event that allows artists like us to perform overseas and show case our music. The line up is great and we are more then excited to be a part of it.

2. Tell us how the group is formed? And tell us more about the name CREAM?
Staxx and another guy were in a group together. They had won an online audition which gave them a one shot record deal, but in order for the deal to go through they had to find a girl to join the group. They went through a few girls, when I got a call. The other guy and I were friends in high school and Staxx and I were strangers. We worked together for over 3 years, when the other guy wanted to go a different route. When that group ended, we were left with only each other but there was no hesitation to continue working together and thats when CREAM began (3 years ago). Staxx and I have been working together for almost 7 years now.

3.Who is the leader in CREAM?
Staxx. But when we go out drinking Minami, lol.

4. Tell us more about your upcoming new single “Beautiful”.
Beautiful talks about a dark period of a persons life that I am sure almost everyone can relate to. Its a time when you realise the harsh truth about the world, and it seems like all eyes are on you. The message behind the song is, being happy with who you are and accepting yourself flaws and all. When you learn to love yourself , that is when true beauty shines from within.

5. What is your music genre?
NEW J-POP. Correct me if I’m wrong but when someone overseas hears the word J-POP many might think of idol groups, anime and boy bands. NEW J-POP incorporates trends as they are happening and is a movement happening in the Japanese Pop Scene right now. NEW J-POP focuses on a global market, its about making music that can be enjoyed whether you understand Japanese or not.

6. What can the audiences expect from you during the super-clubbing experience at H-Artistry in Malaysia this year?
We don’t want to give too much away, but you can expect a great party. Maybe a collaboration with some local Malaysian Dancers….. (Hint Hint) You’ll have to come to the show or keep yourself updated by checking the website: h-artistry.com.my

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