HIIO Interview: Mysteryland Chile Exclusive

Let’s kick start 2014 with an exclusive interview with South America’s EDM duo HIIO, currently based in Buenos Aires. Find out more about the duo and our talk on their upcoming gig for Mysteryland Chile.

1) HIIO!!! Which part of the world are you guys currently right now?
Clubbing9ine! Thanks for having us! We both live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ortzy is originally from Colombia, but he moved here a few years ago so we could produce together and form our duo HIIO.

2) We’re heading to 2014 in few days. How do you sum up your 2013?
Wow! Well, we had a really amazing year. We released 10+ tracks in 2013, and most of them landed in the Beatport Progressive House Top 100 chart in the top 20. We played some unforgettable shows and festivals including Tomorrowland, Summerland Festival, Mysteryland Chile, Pacha Buenos aires and Club One with Chuckie which was the party of the year for Buenos Aires.

3) What are your plans for Christmas?
Ortzy: We will be together and celebrating with our girlfriends and family.
Nico: Spending time with our friends and family in Buenos Aires.

4) You guys will be returning to Mysteryland again this year. Describe your feeling playing in front such a massive crowd.
This will be our second year at Mysteryland Chile. It’s really such an amazing atmosphere. The people come from all over the Country, and bring an amazing vibe with them. It’s always such an honor to be a part of something like this.

5) What goes through your mind for Mysteryland?
You get this natural high and adrenaline rush throughout your body. You just never want it to end. We usually are really only thinking about what to play next, and how amazing it is.

6) What do you like the most performing in Mysteryland?
Mysteryland is the number one music festival in South America! It’s so diverse
And is know for its eclectic variety of music combined with workshops, fusion food and art. Mysteryland is described as one of the most special and unique festival locations in the world. We love it!

7) Who are your DJ heroes?
Ortzy: Steve Angello
Nico: Frankie Knuckles

7) Where do you see HIIO in 5 years?
In 5 years we hope to have an Essential Mix for Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1, playing all the major music festivals around the world, touring non-stop, maybe we’ll even have our own HIIO festival one day! Hahaha

9) Which country you dream of performing?
Ortzy: In my country Colombia! For a show for 150,000 people
Nico: Australia! Would love to go there!

10) What was the last thing you did before going to bed last night?
Ortzy: Creeping my friends pics on Instgram! Like every night! LOL
Nico: Checked out some new demos people send in to us.

11) Last question. What’s with the name HIIO?
Haha of course! The question everybody wants to know! Well, it’s actually pronounced “HEE-OOH” – and the H represents the “H” in Nico’s last name Hamuy, and the “O” represents the O in Ortzy. We are a duo, so that’s where the roman numerals “II” come from. So there you have HIIO!

Official website: www.hiio.net

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