A question and answer session with IMMA*BLEEP*YOUUP, where we’re digging deeper for you to know more about the trio and their favourite stuff. Check out the dj interview after the jump.

1. How did you guys met?
Mr. Fluff & Addic3rd met each other and became best friends after they did an interview and found a mutual hate towards a certain international DJ. Unkel Jaymz & Addic3rd worked together from way before and we all just clicked instantly the first time we met.

2. How did you guys find the group name ‘Imma*Bleep*YouUp!!!’?
DJ names should always apply to the DJs characters, we are usually *bleeping* up people’s nights and give them a good time by jumping around and making it a crazy night for everyone! #dancefloorriot #hashtag …
the name was supposed to be IMMAF@#KYOUUP!!! at first but due to the media, we needed to make it friendlier hence IMMA*BLEEP*YOUUP!!!.

3. Who are your DJ heroes?
Swedish House Mafia – The best way to do it without being cheesy & Paris Hilton – she’s the best example of “WHAT NOT TO DO WHILE PERFORMING” hahahaha!

4. What is your main genre of music you guys played?
Progressive House, Electro House, Techno, Dubstep, Drum and Bass. Basically anything that will give your arms, legs and neck sore from fist pumping, jumping and head banging. #lagusakitbadan

5. What are your favourite track at this moment?
Mr. Fluff : Grant Smillie, Zoe Badwin & Walden – A Million Lights (Original Mix)
Addic3rd : Showtek & Justin Prime – Cannonball (Original Mix)
Unkel Jaymz : Discopolis – Committed To The Sparkle (DubVision Remix)

6. What is your favourite desserts?
We don’t like desserts … we like oily, fattening, not good for health food!

7. Where is the coolest venue you have played at so far?
Vertigo for our events, the old MOS & Sixty9ine Mansion in Penang

8. Where can our readers find out more about you?
You can follow us on these links :

9. Have you anything to say more what is important to our readers before we end this interview, anything else you’d like to add?
Do watch out for our New Event Series, RAVE is RAW happening at Vertigo KL and of course STAY IN SCHOOL

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