Interview With DJ Natalia Moon

DJ Natalia Moon

Here goes our interview this month with the World Sexiest DJ all the way from Australia, Natalia Moon. Let’s get up close with her and find out more about her in this interview.

Hi, Natalia, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. What are you up to at the moment?
I’m currently out of town on my way to shoot a music video for one of my new Tracks :). Always keeping busy and creative.

How did you start as DJ & producer?
I was originally a songwriter and Tv actress. I started writing songs at a young age after being inspired to sing by my grandmother. I started making melodies and lyrics then had people producing the music for me. After a while, I decided it’s time to learn to do it myself. I enrolled in DJ school and also music production classes studying Abelton. Djing at the start was a hobby and something I did just for fun in between tv shows, after a while I start getting booked a lot more and it became not just a passion but a dream to Pursue.

Where are you currently based?
I’m currently based in the Philippines in Manila. Traveling around for festivals, fiestas, Corporate shows and clubs throughout Asia.

Why did you leave Australia in the first place? Love? Work? Adventure?
I originally left Australia to Pursue my acting career, I wanted to get more experience and a bigger resume. I travelled to Canada and then the Philippines, doing a number of Tv shows, modelling, commercials and then found my passion and focused not just on acting but on my music career as a DJ.

How do you feel like to be selected one of the World’s Sexiest Female DJs?
It’s such an amazing feeling being selected as one of the worlds sexiest Dj’s. Of course I love to keep fit doing Muay Thai, and of course, Djing keeps me fit also constantly jumping with the crowd, I can’t wait to tour the world. I would also like to say ” I got it from my mamma” haa.

How long have you been involved in the DJ industry?
I have been Djing for 2 years, it’s such a fun job and I love going to work haaaa. I’m constantly learning and adding interesting things to my sets such as singing live or adding pads.

DJ Natalia Moon
How would you describe your current style (music)?
My style of music is open format. I really adapt to what the clients want. But of course, I love festivals hard Edm party. And for small clubs or parties, I also enjoy hip hop and house. I’m currently producing Edm, house, hip hop and reggaeton . Give the people what they want 🙂 !

Is there anything you would like to shout out?
Would love to shout out to Porter Robinson, I love his songs and I would love to collaborate as I also sing live during my sets.
Shout out also to Quintino My favourite song is Carnival, collaboration would be a dream And would love to work with Calvin Harris his melodies are insane.

Where can our fans find out more about you?
You can follow
Instagram: @nataliamoonofficial

What has been your best and worst gig experience so far?
Best gig for me would be in Davao Philippines for Kadayawan festival. The people’s energy and vibes got me partying all night long and it was the first gig I had a costume made, and sang throughout the set.

Worst gig – I was sabotaged by another DJ, unfortunately, he wanted to prove that female Dj’s don’t know how to DJ. He changed all the chords in the back of the machine and when I started playing, he also played another song on another CDJ. Was extremely disappointing, but I learnt from this, to always check your machine, all the chords and be aware not everyone wants you to succeed. I have news for you Mr, I’m now one of the worlds sexiest Dj’s haaaa.

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