Interview with Angger Dimas

Interview with Angger Dimas

Clubbing9ine took the opportunity to have a really short interview with Angger Dimas, the well known DJ and producer from Jakarta during his recent gig at Neutral, Jalan P.Ramlee, KL on 7th August 2010 for Bass Punks event.

When did you get involved in the dj industry?
I started my career as a DJ at the age of 18 and first appeared in club scene in year 2009.

What software you use for tracks production?
I use Fruitloops for producing.

Which is your favourite track?
My favourite track was Kaskade ‘Fire in Your New Shoes’ Angger Dimas Remix

So, do you like Malaysia?
Yes! i arrived in Malaysia few days ago, i had a good trip here and it’s really a great country.

What is your future planning in the DJ scene?
First i would like to finish my study,  and awhile for work

Your last shoutout.
Asia will take over the world.

Interview by Clubbing9ine


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