Interview with DJ Headmasta

DJ Headmasta

Keeping up to date with the latest house music in town, here we also have a chance to have an online dj interview  with one of the VIMA music award-winning dj, DJ Headmasta. Lets hear what he has to say to you and the clubbers in Malaysia.

1. How did you get involved in DJing?
It was back in 1998,when i got hooked on to the idea of becoming a dj took every given opportunity to watch and learn the art from the senior djs at clubs,most wanted some fee which i could not afford but 1 dj who actually gave me the opportunity to actually to get inside the console and teach me all about djing big thank you to Calvin Alderick great dj and musician too.

2. Do you travel alot?
Well yeah been traveling a bit this year mainly in Asian region, hopefully in nearest time i get to travel and spin in European countries which i’m working on it at the moment 🙂

3. Tell us more about your music style
At the age of 4 i was introduced to New wave music by my brother and soul and electronic genre performed by great bands like depeche mode ,kraftwerk and many more to mention.started of djing spining 80’s disco ,new wave and funk and came in R&B and hip hop during first few years of my internship as dj.for past 7 years as to date i got glued to house genre mainly funky ,tribal or any good tunes that its in my set when im out there spining for the crowd,you can always expect horns,guitar mainly latin influenced element on my set.

4. Which dj that inspired you the most?
Many djs inspired me from the begining of 80’s era Boy George is one of them of course later came in djs like Masters at Work,Roger Sanchez,David Morales Danny Tenaglia these are just to name a few that inspired me the most.

5. Can you describe a little bit about the dance music scene in Malaysia?
I think its pretty lost and confused and its getting smaller which is kinda of scary but i hope it will get better soon from the support of new generation also from the people who partied and dance to house music during Back Room era.

6. Tell us more about your latest achievement
2010 VIMA music awards i was voted as Best Dance dj of the year thats for this year and i hope to achieve my goals and embrace more awards in future 🙂

7. Where can our readers find out more about you?
You can read more about me at

8. Do you have any promo mixes for our readers?
I have great promo mixes to everyone out there at and click on mastamix page there like 5 promo mixes great for dancing and listening pleasure .in the midst of doin a new mix will keep you guys posted.

9. What are your future plan in the coming years?
To produce wicked house tunes and work with great names in the industry.

10. Your last shoutout to our readers
No matter what we do we gotta have faith and believe in our self,so have faith ,believe and keep the Love for house music alive and kicking and keep dancing when you hear my promo mixes. One Love.

Interviewed by Clubbing9ine / Nocturnal

UPDATE: We are deeply sadden with the lost of DJ Headmasta aka Raj Anthony who involved in Nepal earthquake during his mountain trekking in Langtang Valley. Raj was reported missing in Kathmandu and lost contact with his friends & family since 19th April 2015. DJ Headmasta will remain in our hearts forever.

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