Interview with DJ Kayper

Interview with DJ Kayper took the great opportunity to interview British born DJ Kayper.

1. How did you get involved in the dj industry?

I started DJing when I was 12 years old. I always had a bit of a fascination with turntables and records and I would always watch my older cousins practice, who were established club dj’s in the early 90’s. I got my first club gig when I had just turned 16 and then began djing locally around South London until I got my first residency at London’s Ministry Of Sound…..the rest is history!2. Which DJ is your all time favourite DJ?
DJ Jazzy Jeff is my all time fav dj. He inspired me to learn how to scratch and to push myself and be a better dj.3. What genres of music do you spin?
Hip Hop is my first love but I have always played all types of music. House, Garage, Drum N’ Bass, Bhangra, Bollywood…..anything really

4. Where can our readers get to listen your music?
You can check out some of my mashup’s and mixes at or check out my blog at

5. You played at Zouk Kuala Lumpur last year, do you plan to play in Malaysia again?
KL is one of the best cities I’ve ever dj’ed in so I hope i’ll back soon.

6. What is your future plan for your career in DJing?

I’m concentrating on production right now, working on an album for 2010 and plan to continue touring.

7. Before we end our interview, DJ Kayper, is there anything you wants to shoutout to our readers?

Thanks for the support, Malaysia rocks!

Check out my weekly radio show on the BBC Asian Network – Friday’s 10pm – 1am (UK Time)


Interviewed by : Ivan Cheam
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