Interview With DJ Marky

DJ Marky is a Brazilian drum & bass DJ, and here we conducted an online interview with Marky with a close look on his recording company and some up-close and personal stuff.

Hi DJ Marky! How are you doing?
I’m really good thanks!

How did you get into DJing?
I started playing music at the local rollerdisco in Sao Paulo. Back then turntables weren’t everywhere so I was playing on reel to reel tapes which was really tough.

What is your favourite track at this moment?
Right now I am in love with Calibre’s remix of my tracks with SPY, “Yellow Shoes”. Also Random Movement has a couple of fresh tracks that are killing it right now- “Down Somehow” and “Domino Cruze”.

Tell us more about your label Innerground Records
The label is doing really well. We celebrated our 50th release last year and this year will be releasing a compilation album with a CD of unmixed tracks and a CD mixed by Random Movement. There is so much great music around at the moment it’s like the genre is going through a rebirth. It’s great!

What did you like to do during your free time?
My favourite thing to do is spend time with my son. I spend so much time travelling that when I have some time off it is good to just spend time with him.

Where is the coolest venue you have played at so far?
There are really cool venues everywhere, but two of my all time favourites are WOMB in Tokyo and Fabric in London.

Have you travelled to Asian countries before?
Yes I’ve been quite a few times now, but not so many times to Kuala Lumpur so it is great to be back.

Where can our readers find out more about you?
Well I am pretty active on Facebook and have a new website at I am also pretty active on Twitter but it tends to be a lot of stuff in Portuguese, so not for everybody.

Have you anything to say more what is important to our readers before we end this interview, anything else you’d like to add?
Not really. Just that I value your support and hope to see you at the show!

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