Interview with DJ Rodion (ITA)

DJ Rodion is an Italian dance music DJ who will be performing at Bedroom, Pavilion KL this week on the eve of Merdeka Day. Here we have a short interview with DJ Rodion talking about his favourite DJ, music style, dj mixes, future plans and more after the jump.

Hi DJ Rodion, first of all, tell us how did you got yourself into DJ-ing. What style of music you play?
I started playing piano when I was a kid, then I moved to electronic music production at the end of the nineties with the help of some old skool house producers in Rome. My style is quite a freaky blend of italo house music,synthesizer funk and acid.

Which DJ that inspired you most?
Probably my roman mates Marco Passarani and Francisco, with their futuristic and pioneeristic Pigna label at the beginning of 2000s.

Tell us more about your latest project.
Beside producing some cool bands around the world,and running my own Rodion project on the German label Gomma records,I m also pretty proud of another project I m running with a mate in Italy: it’s called ALIEN ALIEN and it’s all about slow techno,Neo trance and druggy house beats: Check the video of our single SAMBACA out on YouTube,you won’t regret it !

What DJ equipments you’re currently using?
I use a lot of vintage analog synthesizers for producing my music,then I use CDJs to spin it loud.

Where can our readers listen to your mixes?
You can go to my soundcloud page to check my latest productions out:

What are your best moments and what do you want to achieve in the future?
I m glad I m able to tour the world and make people happy with my music,in form of live or Dj sets ! I m proud I shared the stage with some of te producers I respect more,from mr Oizo to Prins Thomas and that I have been able to release the music that I produced with some of them on nice labels. Now it’s time for a new album and a new live project to tour with:just stay detuned for more to come!

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