Interview with DJ Susan (Euphonious Duo)

DJ Susan Interview

Becoming one of the Clubbing9 DJ, DJ Susan is one of the finest female DJ spinning RNB and Hip Hop music in Malaysia’s nightlife and successfully built up her career in Johor Bahru clubbing scene.

How did you start in DJ career?
DJing and music is a love at first sight for me and I started learning djing through my friends 5 years ago.

Which artistes that inspired you most?
My all time favourite DJs that inspired me is Bob Sinclar, Pryda and Felguk

What is your music style and skills?
I spins RNB, Hip Hop and Electro house with tribal beats and skills in scratching and juggling.

What colour do you like?
I like pink and purple colour.

What is your best moment in your DJing life after all this year?
I’m proud to be able to get into the Top 10 list in Pioneer DJ Battle Competition 2007 and would like to participate more in the DJ battles and competition in the coming year.

Do you travel and where is it?
I used to travel to Malacca, Ipoh, Penang, but most of the time is in Kuala Lumpur for gigs and i love travelling alot. It’s fun but eaasily gets tired. Sometimes i had no choice, rushing back to JB because need to work at night the next day. And I don’t have much time for some shopping!

What is your future plan?
I love fashion too, other than DJing, i’m glad to say that i will be opening a fashion boutique shop at Johor Bahru on October 2010

Where can our reader listen to your mix?
You can check out my latest mix ‘This is DJ Susan’ in Clubbing9 website.

Can you tell me more about Euphonious Duo?
Euphonious Duo is formed by me and Ivan C of Clubbing9 and we spuns a few gigs in KL clubs at Blanc Le Club ‘Clubbing9 Night’ events, Club69 and Boiler Room.

What is your last shoutout to our readers?
I am really appreciate and thankful to all my friends and family for supporting me all the time.

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